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Eight, Arizona PBS Channels:

  • Eight HD
    Eight high-definition and widescreen programs

    Watch it on:
    8.1 with antenna
    Cox 1008
    CenturyLink Prism 1008

  • Eight Life
    Get more out of Life - Cooking, travel, home improvement, & more

    Watch it on:
    8.2 with antenna
    Cox 80
    CenturyLink Prism 9

  • Eight World
    Public affairs, opinions and newsmakers, political commentary

    Watch it on:
    8.3 with antenna
    Cox 88
    CenturyLink Prism 7

Cox FreeZone

Eight’s On Demand location with Cox has changed. Eight is now in the FreeZone under “Cox 7 – Local” and our new On Demand direct access channel is 1887.

Experience all that Arizona PBS has to offer –instantly– in the FreeZone with On Demand from Cox! Click 1887 for direct access - Click here to learn more.