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  • Water Video Reaction

    Arizona Horizon

    Water Video Reaction

    Water Video Reaction - 2016-10-24

    One hundred miles west of Phoenix, a Saudi-Arabian owned farming operation grows hay year-round in the desert. It’s an issue examined by Arizona State University students in a documentary called “Camels Don’t Fly, Deserts Don’t Bloom,” which explores the issue of Saudi-Arabian farming in La Paz County and the reaction of locals and water officials. We’ll hear reaction to that video from Jordon Rose, an attorney representing Fondomonte, the owner of the farm in La Paz County that was the subject of the video. Also, Mark Killian, the director of the Arizona Department of Agriculture, will discuss the importance of agriculture imports and exports to Arizona.

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  • Cronkite News Oct. 24

    Cronkite News Oct. 24

  • New Schools For Phoenix


    New Schools For Phoenix

    New Schools For Phoenix - 2016-10-20

    New Schools For Phoenix is committed to the expansion and growth of high quality public schools for low income students. The groups awarded a one million dollar grant to four Phoenix charter schools that have the potential to help students who need it the most. Eileen Sigmund, manager of New School For Phoenix talks about grant.

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