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Everyone’s a nerd for something and at Arizona PBS you’ll find us nerding out for just about everything. From exploring fractal geometry to the chemistry of crème brûlée - from Austin City Limits to happy little trees, Eight is the original sanctuary of desert dwellers and their obsessive, intelligent pursuits.

Now we're inviting you to proclaim your unique brand of nerd-dom with us through a series of events and engagements. Why watch good TV alone at home when you can see the season premiere of Sherlock in our studios with 400 other squealing fans or catch Downton Abbey a month before it premieres in the states. Meet, mingle and share ideas with PBS producers, stars and other brainiacs like yourself and join our band of public media crusaders every fall as we march in support of nerdy passions everywhere at the annual Arizona PBS Nerd Walk.

Everyone’s a nerd for something and we think that’s something to celebrate. 

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Have an idea for something we should be doing? Want to get involved with fellow PBS Nerds? Let us know: nerds@azpbs.org

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