Cronkite-Eight Poll

In 1990, working with Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, HORIZON launched the Cronkite-Eight Poll. An accurate gauge of Arizonans' opinions on even the most controversial issues, the polls have become an information source for state and national media — making headlines in newspapers and newscasts throughout Arizona.

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Topics Polled Poll Release Date

• Few in Arizona want to see Sarah Palin become president
• Goddard ahead of Brewer in potential gubernatorial match next year
• McCain would easily beat Napolitano if she came back to run for the U.S. Senate
• Arizonans divided on Obama’s performance as president, sending troops to Afghanistan
• Most voters believe their economic situation will improve next year

November 24, 2009
• Maricopa County voters support Sheriff Joe; disagree with government decision to limit immigration authority
• Andrew Thomas gets high rating as Maricopa County Attorney
• Voters want a health care bill this year; support divided on public option
• Job performance ratings for Gov. Brewer mixed
• Most cannot evaluate performance of Arizona Secretary of State or Treasurer
• Majority of state's voters say they won't get vaccinated for swine flu
October 27, 2009

• Most voters are happy with their health insurance but still support health care reform
• Most don't understand the public option; a majority of those who understand the issue support it
• Governor Brewer receives mixed job performance ratings
• Proposed one cent sales tax losing public support
• Support for President Obama in Arizona is dropping
• A majority of Arizona voters support sending additional troops to Afghanistan

September 29, 2009
• Arizona voters overwhelmingly against funding cuts for education, all-day kindergarten
• Many Arizonans unfamiliar with governor; majority of those with an opinion approve job she is doing
• Voters support temporary sales tax increase to balance budget
• Majority support Obama; have confidence economic policies will work
• Arizonans hit hard by economic downturn; not much optimism for next year
April 28, 2009


Topics Polled Poll Release Date
•McCain wins Arizona with help of conservative Democrats;
•Arizona's top three elected officials receive high job performance ratings;
•Holiday spending will be much lower than last year;
•Unpopular president, economy blamed for poor showing among Republicans;
•Few see improvement in their financial situation next year
November 25, 2008
•Presidential race in Arizona a toss-up October 28, 2008
•Race tightening but McCain maintains lead
•Arizonans divided on Palin's ability to take over as president
•Voters support employer sanction law and defining marriage as between one man and one woman; oppose federal bailout
September 30, 2008
•McCain maintains lead in his home state
•High undecided vote with two months to go before the election
•Both candidates’ supporters feel strongly about their choice
•Significant anti-Obama vote found in Arizona
•One-third of voters see both candidates as running negative campaigns
August 19, 2008
•McCain leads in home state, but many undecided
•Clinton could hurt rather than help Obama in Arizona
•Voters blame legislature for impasse over budget
June 24, 2008

•Arizonans will vote for McCain but see a potentially tight race in November
•Big anti-Clinton vote found in Arizona
•Contentious primary doesn’t appear to be hurting the Democrats
•Despite public squabble, Arpaio and Gordon receive high marks
•Napolitano receives high job ratings, Bush rated low

April 29, 2008
• Arizonans will vote for McCain but believe Obama may win
• McCain easily beats Clinton among Arizona voters
• Majority say they do not believe allegations made against McCain by The New York Times
• Voters support having Phoenix police officers ask about legal status
• Arizona voters support a guest worker program
• Voters oppose allowing people with concelaed weapon permits to bring guns onto campuses
• Voters narrowly support constitutional amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman
February 26, 2008
• McCain and Clinton Lead Primaries But Many Undecided January 22, 2008


Topics Polled Poll Release Date
• Voters say illegal immigration is the number-one problem facing Maricopa County; stopping illegal aliens at the border and enforcing existing laws are best ways to control the problem
• Voters say expanding mass transit in Maricopa County with more and better bus routes is the best way to deal with transportation problems
• Most voters in Maricopa County say Phoenix New Times executives should not have been arrested for violating grand-jury secrecy
• Voters give County Attorney Andrew Thomas and Sheriff Joe Arpaio favorable ratings; do not support recalling either official
• Democrats much more enthusiastic than Republicans about their presidential candidates
• Republican voters in Maricopa County favor McCain; Democrats favor Clinton
• The Grinch may be headed to the Valley for the holiday shopping season
November 20, 2007
• Voters support employer sanction law despite concerns about economy, racial profiling;
• Arizona voters oppose issuing driver's licenses to illegal immigrants;
• Arpaio's stance on enforcing immigration laws is supported
• Arizona electorate divided over using local police to enforce immigration laws
• Few voters have settled on a presidential primary candidate;
• Arizonans support increased funding for children's health insurance program
October 16, 2007
• Republican primary still up for grabs;
• Clinton widens lead among Democractic primary voters;
• Arizona voters feel more positive about Obama; most negative about Clinton
• Arizona voters divided about withdrawing troops from Iraq;
• Voters support statewide ban on text messaging while driving
September 27, 2007
• Republican primary is too close to call;
• Clinton leads Democratic hopefuls;
• Candidates' positions on the war in Iraq, illegal immigration matter most to voters
• Voters want more pressure put on employers to verify their workers are legal;
• Voters support Sheriff Joe Arpaio's hotline
August 28, 2007
graphicArizonans headed in the right direction - U.S. in wrong direction;
Voters see partisanshhip and loss of confidence in elected leaders as major problems facing America and Arizona;
Arizonans pessimistic about ability of the Senate to pass meaningful immigration reform legislation;
Voters support guest worker program and allowing illegal immigrants to become citizens under certain criteria
June 26, 2007
graphicVoters support timetable for troop withdrawal in funding for war in Iraq;
Bush approval rating at all time Arizona low; seen as one of history's worst presidents;
Possible Thompson run takes support away from McCain;
Clinton and Obama are neck-and-neck
April 24, 2007
graphicRepublicans prefer McCain over Giuliani, Gingrich and Romney;
Clinton and Obama run neck-and-neck among Democratic voters;
McCain leads Clinton in 'head to head';
Arizona voters want Roe vs. Wade upheld;
Arizona voters support hybrids' use of HOV lanes; oppose creation of "HOT" lanes;
Arizona voters want stronger penalties for employers who hire illegal immigrants; support labeling illegal immigrants charged with crimes as 'domestic terrorists.'
February 27, 2007
graphicArizona voters support McCain for President;
Illegal immigration, education and transportation are top concerns for Arizona voters;
Voters trust Governor more than the Legislature to solve Arizona's problems;
Voters strongly support education proposals;
Majority of Arizonans oppose sending more troops to Iraq
January 24, 2007



Topics Polled Poll Release Date
graphicNapolitano's victory due to strong support from Republicans and Independents;
Democrats crossover vote fuels Kyl's win;
Voters viewed Proposition 107 as unfair, overstepping government bounds;
Arizonans will spend about the same this year for holidays as last year
November 21, 2006

graphicPederson campaign closing on Kyl;
Governor Napolitano with big lead in governor's race;
Immigration reform initiatives passing;
Proposition 201 favored over Proposition 206;
Gay marriage and vote by mail proposition failing

October 24, 2006
graphicProposition to increase minimum wage, reduce animal suffering and increase the cigarette tax to benefit disadvantaged children receive strong support;
Smoking bans supported but voters seem to have difficulty distinguishing between the two proposals;
Proposition to establish a lottery for people who vote appears to be failing
September 28, 2006
graphicRepublicans lead races for the U.S. Senate, Arizona Secretary of State, State Treasurer amd Superintendent of Public Instruction;
Democrats leading in races for Governor and Attorney General
September 26, 2006

graphic Kyl continues lead over Pederson;
Governor Napolitano is heavy favorite against Republican challengers;
Arizonans support initiative measures that "crack down" on illegal immigration;
Initiative to ban same-sex marriage lacks support

August 29, 2006
graphic Voters evenly divided over Napolitano's veto of immigration reform bill
Support found for ruling that illegal immigrants can be charged with a felony for paying smugglers to bring them into the United States illegally.
President Bush's approval rating increases in Arizona
Sen. Jon Kyl keeps lead over businessman Jim Pederson
Gov. Janet Napolitano continues to receive high marks in Arizona
Support for change in who controls Congress may be in the making
June 20, 2006
graphic Bush's proposals for immigration reform strongly supported May 23, 2006
graphic Voters want to tighten border security but favor allowing illegal immigration to stay and earn citizenship April 25, 2006
graphic Voters back photo radar to catch freeway speeders, Eight/Cronkite poll says
Other findings:
Most Arizonas don't know why judge is fining state;
oppose Bush on port plan
February 28, 2006

graphic Arizonans want President Bush to get court approval before wiretapping suspected terrorists;
President's approval ratings remain low in Arizona;

Governor Napolitano's state-of-the-state proposals receive support

January 24, 2006



Topics Polled Poll Release Date
graphic AIMS Test supported - students should be given second chance to pass;
Price controls, cap on profits best way to head off excessive oil company profits
November 28, 2005
graphic Bush approval ratings remain low in Arizona;
Arizona voters split on whether Bush misled people about prewar intelligence;
Arizona headed in right direction - the U.S. in wrong direction;
Families will spend less for Christmas this year
November 22, 2005
graphic Bush's job approval hurt by war in Iraq, perceived lack of competence;
Voters would give Governor second term, Governor leads Republican challengers;
Kyl has early lead over Peterson;
Arizonans skeptical about Supreme Court nominee, worried that appointment would endanger Roe vs. Wade;
Arizonans feel U.S. is unprepared for Bird Flu epidemic
October 25, 2005
graphic Majority of Arizonans reduce driving in wake of spiraling gas prices, poll finds September 29, 2005
graphic Protect Arizona Marriage Initiative in early trouble;
Gov. Napolitano contines to enjoy positive ratings;
Bush ratings fall below 50 percent
September 27, 2005
graphic Arizonans concerned about rising home prices but don't see prices dropping soon;
Voters support using state and local law to enforce federal immigration laws
June 28, 2005
graphic Arizonans give Governor high rating for job performance;
Majority give legislature good rating for completed session;
Most support Governor's vetoes;
Voters divided over same-sex marriage amendment to constitution
May 24, 2005
graphic Voters give Napolitano high marks, support Minuteman Project, AIMS test, Bush's Guest Worker Program;
Opinion divided on reservist who held illegals at gun point;
High gas prices beginning to impact driving in Arizona
April 26, 2005
graphic Napolitano, Kyl find support for second terms;
Voters lerry of a second Symington run for governor;
Little support found for having guns in bars or allowing pharmacists to choose which prescriptions they should fill;
Voters don't want junk food in the schools but they do want community colleges to award four-year diplomas
February 22, 2005
graphic Arizona voters strongly support full-day kindergarten, keeping term limits, a statewide smoking ban and making English the official language of Arizona;
Some support found for a Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage and a bill to legalize suicide for extreme cases;
Arizonans evenly divided on whether to abandon the AIMS test as a requirement for high school graduation;
Little support found for privatizing Social Security and making abortion illegal
January 25, 2005


Topics Polled Poll Release Date
graphicLeadership, moral values propel Bush victory;
Overwhelming support for all-day kindergarten;
About half of voters support same-sex marriage amendment and getting rid of electoral college;
Strong support for statewide smoking ban
November 23, 2004
graphicPresidential race tightens in Arizona;
Support declines but voters still favor Proposition 200;
Kerry perceived as winner of debates
October 26, 2004
graphicBush leads Kerry in Arizona;
Voters support Proposition 200;
Voters oppose raising the salaries of legislators
September 28, 2004
graphicBush support increases in Arizona;
Voters support Proposition 200;
Fogging to control West Nile supported
August 24, 2004
graphicBush and Kerry remain in tight race in Arizona;
Less than a majority approve of the job Bush is doing on the economy, terrorism, the war in Iraq, and his overall job performance rating;
Strong support for Protect Arizona Now Initiative;
Voters support Clean Elections Law
July 20, 2004
graphicBush takes lead over Kerry in Arizona;
Ratings for Bush on the economy, terrorism, the war in Iraq, and overall job performance improve;
Drought encourages people to conserve water;
Drought and careless campers believed to be main causes of forest fires
June 29, 2004

graphicBush and Kerry still in close race;
Bush's approval slips on economy, terrorism and Iraq;
Majority say too much media coverage of prisoner abuse

May 25, 2004
graphicBush and Kerry in close race in Arizona;
Voters supporting Kerry are mostly against Bush;
Arizonans support use of force in Iraq;
Bush gets mixed results on handling economy
April 29, 2004

graphicHigh awareness that Congress passed Medicare Drug Plan;
Drug Discount Card is supported;
Arizonana believe government should be able to negotiate with drug manufacturers over prices;
Low awareness of Governor's Copper Drug Discount Card

April 27, 2004
graphicBush running even with Kerry and Edwards in Arizona;
Performance of economy hurting Bush;
Majority support way Bush is handling terrorism;
Bush performance in Iraq mixed
February 26, 2004
graphicVoters support Napolitano, her handling and investigation of the hostage situation;
Opinion divided on best committee to investigate hostage situation;
Voters support proposals to increase funding for corrections officers and full-day kindergarten;
Arizonans oppose same-sex marriage
February 24, 2004
graphicDemocratic Primary is three-man race with high undecided vote in Arizona January 27, 2004

Topics Polled Poll Release Date
graphicBush has solid lead against top Democratic challengers in 2004 Presidential election;
· Support for way Bush is handling terrorism slips, support for economy improves;
· Support still strong for U.S. invasion of Iraq;
· Many Arizonans optimistic next year will be better for them economically;
· Strong support found for guest worker program in Arizona
November 18, 2003
graphicStrong support found for Governor's Child Protective Services proposals;
· Voters support shock program for parolees;
· Support for new prisons mixed
October 21, 2003
graphicArizona voters reluctant to give Bush second term in office;
· Bush gets high marks for way he his handling terrorism but support slips over economy and war in Iraq;
· Majority oppose $87 billion Bush request for Iraq and Afghanistan
September 25, 2003
graphicNapolitano gets high marks for job she is doing as governor;
· Majority approve of Napolitano's handling of gas shortage;
· Protect Arizona Now initiative and anti-gouging laws highly supported
September 23, 2003
graphicHigh support found for Bishop O'Brien's resignation;
· Trust and confidence in Catholic Church low;
· Arizona voters continue to have confidence in President Bush's handling of war in Iraq;
· Voters continue to give Governor Napolitano high marks — rate her higher than legislature
June 26, 2003
graphicRepublicans and Democrats divided over how to handle state budget and tax cuts;
· State budget cuts for child care and universities off limits;
· Arizonans want federal tax cut but smaller than Bush wants
May 20, 2003
graphicArizonans feel state is growing too fast by are split over whether growth should be limited;
· Strong support for war in Iraq continues in Arizona
May 6, 2003
graphicArizonans evenly split over renaming Squaw Peak;
· Governor Napolitano receives high ratings but renaming Squaw Peak eroded her support;
· Most Arizona voters feel too much emphasis is being placed on political correctness
April 29, 2003

graphicArizonans seeing more war coverage than wanted;
· Approval found for embedded journalists - some concerns voiced

April 4, 2003
graphicArizonans support Bush and the way the war in Iraq is progressing;
· Governor Napolitano receives high early ratings
April 1, 2003
graphicArizonans support tax increase to support education, medical services, child care for working parents, and the needs of children;
· Support for the arts lags
February 28, 2003
graphicBush gains support for war on Iraq - loses support on economy and war on terrorism;
· Arizonans divided on whether North Korea or Iraq is bigger threat voters divided on Phoenix day labor center;
· Opposed to use of Mexican government issued identification cards
February 25, 2003
graphicArizonans favor cutting programs and spending or selling and leasing state assets rather than raising taxes to balance the state budget;
· A majority of Arizonans doubt budget will be resolved on non-partisan basis;
· Arizonans would have more confidence in Napolitano rather than legislature if budget process is deadlocked
January 29, 2003
graphicArizonans Support Bush on Terrorism, Less Supportive on the Economy and Regime Change in Iraq;
· Arizonans Support Keeping Roe vs. Wade;
Oppose Affirmative Action in College Admissions
January 29, 2003



Topics Polled Poll Release Date
graphicFemales, moderates, Republican defections lead to Napolitano's victory;
Top voter priorities are balancing the budget and education;
Surprising support for tax increases
November 19, 2002
graphicNapolitano leads Governor's Race;
Gaming Props 200 and 201 losing, 202 ahead
October 21, 2002
graphic2002 Races for Governor, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Treasurer start even;
Goddard leads Attorney General race;
Brewer has lead in Secretary of State race
September 24, 2002
graphicArizona voters prefer Governor's Indian Gaming Plan;
Support marijuana proposition;
Arizonans agree with non-prosecution of fire starter;
Blame environmentalists for forest fires
July 25, 2002
graphicBush approval ratings beginning to slip;
Arizonans dismayed by U.S. Economy;
Call for tighter regulation of corporations
July 23, 2002
graphicVoters want to continue partial public funding of elections;
Arizonans oppose salary increase for state legislators;
Want to keep State Lottery
June 25, 2002
graphicTerrorism considered most serious problem facing America;
Education, the coming fire season, and funding state government most concern Arizonans;
Most voters would support a smoking ban similar to the one being considered by Tempe;
This year's gubernatorial race could be very close
May 21, 2002
graphicValley residents satisfied with culutral opportunities April 25, 2002
graphicValley residents support DNA testing on death row inmates;
Tight race in Maricopa County between Napolitano and Salmon;
Napolitano leads Democratic primary among Maricopa County voters
April 23, 2002
graphicVoters disapprove of Gov. Hull and the State Legislature;
Approve of the President;
Widespread opposition to budget-cutting measures
February 28, 2002
graphicValley residents prefer Mesa Stadium site;
Tight race between Salmon and Arpaio in Republican Primary, many still undecided
February 26, 2002
graphicArizona voters support continued use of term limits for legislators;
Indian gaming supported but voters want a percentage of the profits;
Voters choose Napolitano over Salmon
January 29, 2002


Topics Polled Poll Release Date
graphicMarcopa County residents split on stadium location; Napolitano and Salmon in close gubernatorial race November 20, 2001
graphicStrong support for military action in Afghanistan; Arizonans fear more terrorism;
But are confident about America's recovery;
Arizonans are spending their tax rebates
October 17, 2001
graphicAttack affects psychological health of Arizonans September 27, 2001
graphicArizonans support President Bush and military action;
More terrorism expected but not in Arizona;
Arizonans uncertain about the economy
September 25, 2001

graphicTempe stadium site
Maricopa County voters split on safety even if proposed chnages are made

August 28, 2001
graphicTraffic seen as serious problem;
Most oppose transportation tax proposal
July 24, 2001
graphicLittle support for McCain recall;
Napolitano preferred by Democrats for Governor;
Salmon and Arpaio in early lead for Republican gubernatorial nomination
July 18, 2001
graphicArizonans conserving electricity but see need for new power plants;
Nuclear power is preferred
June 27, 2001
graphicArizonans strongly support death penalty;
Oppose televising McVeigh's execution to public
April 24, 2001
graphicPublic continues to support indian gaming;
Wants revenue sharing with Indians;
Does not support casinos at dog tracks;
Majority doesn't think opening hotels will hurt local economies
April 4, 2001
graphicMaricopa County residents favor west side stadium;
Stronger controls of drivers over 75 supported;
County officials Arpaio and Romley receive high performance ratings
January 24, 2001


Topics Polled Poll Release Date
graphicArizonans Support Contitutional Amendment to Abolish the Electoral College; Want Changes in the Way Election Results Are Reported; About One-Third Voted By Mail November 22, 2000
graphicGrowth Issues in Trouble October 26, 2000
graphicBush Leads Among Those Likely to Vote; Debates Appear to Have Been a Draw in Arizona October 25, 2000
graphicVote on Proposition 302 A Dead Heat October 4, 2000
graphicGore Leads Bush in Arizona; English Immersion Initiative Supported; Allowing Competition to Set Telephone Rates Favored September 20, 2000
graphicGOP Race in First Congressional District Very Close August 30, 2000
Gore Tightens Race with Bush; Growth Propositions Strongly Favored by Electorate; Governor Receives Strong Job Performance Ratings July 26, 2000
Voters Support Two Initiatives which would use Tobacco Settlement Money for Health Care May 26, 2000

Bush "Pulls Ahead" of Gore; Voters Support Governor's Sales Tax Increase for Education; Voters Favor Exempting Teachers From State Income Taxes

May 24, 2000
Arizonans Still Want McCain for President; Public Gives a "C" to the Legislature; Voters Opposed Paying For Signatures" April 19, 2000
Bush and Gore in Tight Race in Arizona March 30, 2000
Registered Voters in Arizona Support Governor Hull's Education Proposal; Hull's Popularity Drops, Probably Because of Support for Governor Bush
March 29, 2000
Registered Voters in Arizona Satisfied with the Health Care They Receive February 22, 2000
McCain and Bush Continue in Tight Race in Arizona January 26, 2000


Topics Polled Poll Release Date
Rick Romley and Sheriff Joe Both Receive High Performance Ratings; Juvenile Crime Should be High Priority for Crime Fighters December 1, 1999
Little Support Found For Using Public Funds to Build a New Football Stadium Unless It Is Paid For by Out-Of-State Visitors November 23, 1999
Arizonans Against Hamm Being Admitted to State Bar;
Arizonans Favor Tobacco Money for Health Care, Not Tax Cuts; Bush and McCain Continue Close Race;
Gore Leads Democrat Presidential Primary
October 27, 1999
Public Evenly Divided on Impact Fees;
Bush and McCain in Close Race in Arizona; Gore Leads Democratic Presidential Primary
September 28, 1999
Fab Five Continues to Shine; Voters Want More Money Spent on Grades K-12 July 27, 1999
Majority Support Refiling of Charges Against Symington/Few Would Support Him in Run for Governor June 29, 1999
Hull, McCain, Kyl Receive High Job Performance Ratings; Clinton's Ratings Down Sharply in Arizona; Strong Public Support to Restrict Growth Continues May 27, 1999
Arizonans Don't Feel Air Strikes Against Kosovo Will Work, Divided Over Use of Ground Troops; Support in Arizona for Doctor- Assisted Suicide; McCain Continues to be Preferred Over Quayle; Support Found to Repeal Law Which Allows Some Developments to be Funded with Sales Tax April 27, 1999
Arizonans Split on Bilingual Education; Opppose Raising the Gas Tax to Eliminate the Vehicle License Tax; Express Views on How to Spend Tobacco Rebate  March 2, 1999
Arizonans Support the President; McCain Arizona's Favorite Son  January 26, 1999


Topics Polled Poll Release Date
Early Voting a Success In Arizona; Public Opinion Mixed on a Bible Week  November 17, 1998
Arizonans Still Favor Hull Over Johnson; Napolitano Has Taken a Lead Over McGovern in A.G.'s Race; Voters favor Allowing Independents to Vote in Primaries, Keep Lottery and Growing Smarter  October 20, 1998
Arizonans Approve of Job Clinton is Doing; Do Not Want Him Removed From Office  October 2, 1998
Arizonans Favor Hull over Johnson for Governor; Other Statewide Races Close  September 29, 1998
Hull, McGovern, Springer, West Lead Primary Races  September 1, 1998
Voters Want to Keep Sky Harbor Name; Hull, McCain, Kyl All Receive High Marks  June 30, 1998
Governor Continues to Lead Governor's Race; Race for Attorney General Still a Toss-Up  June 5, 1998
Voters Support KidsCare and Would Vote to Keep the Lottery  April 29, 1998
Poll Shows Arizona Voters Want Control on Growth  April 6, 1998
Poll Shows Voters Support Both House and Senate Versions of Education Bill; Question as to Why Clinton Receives High Support in Arizona is Solved  March 31, 1998
Arizona Voters Rate Clinton High, Starr Low; Hull, McCain, Kyl All Receive High Marks  March 3, 1998
Napolitano Leads Both Republican Challengers; A Majority of Arizonans Favor a Statewide Smoking Ban  January 30, 1998
A Majority of Arizonans Think Fife Symington Should Serve Prison Time  January 29, 1998


Topics Polled Poll Release Date
Jane Hull/Paul Johnson Match-Up Likely Next Year; A.G.'s Race Could be Close  November 25, 1997
Arizona Voters Tell New Governor: Fix Education!  September 24, 1997
Public Support Continues for Mass Transit in Phoenix; Interest in Voting By Mail Increases; Most Phoenicians Believe Lights Over City Did Not Come From Outer Space  July 23, 1997
Strong Support Found For Mass Transit in Phoenix; Voters Support Traffic Control Cameras/Oppose Photo-Radar  June 26, 1997
Arizonans Believe Symington Will Receive a Fair Trial; Most Feel He Will Not Be Able to Effectively Run the State During His Trial  May 23, 1997
With Exception of Governor, Republican Officeholders Receive High Ratings; Arizonans Support Recent Legislative Decisions But Feel There is Still More to be Done to Solve Education Problems  April 24, 1997
Legislature Receives "C-Minus" Rating From Voters; Primaries For Governor in 1998 Wide Open for Both Parties  March 1, 1997
President Clinton Continues to Receive Good Evaluations; Symington's Ratings Still Very Low  February 1, 1997
Overwhelming Support Found to Equalize Educational Spending; Arizona Voters Would Forego a Tax Cut to Fix Education January 31, 1997


Topics Polled Poll Release Date
Clinton Still Leads in Arizona; Except for Raising Legislative Salaries Most Propositions Appear to be Passing October 23, 1996
Dole and Clinton in Tight Race; Arizonans Feel Symington Should resign; The Economy and Jobs Most Concern Voters October 2, 1996
Dole and Clinton in Close Race; Arizonans Don't Believe Dole Tax Cut Promise; Prefer Elizabeth Dole Over Hillary Clinton September 5, 1996
Clinton With Big Lead Over Dole in Arizona; Vipers Find Little Support in Arizona July 27, 1996
Voters Support Sales Tax to Fund Education July 3, 1996
Arizona Voters Split on Symington Recall; Most Believe Indictment Will Affect His Ability to Govern June 26, 1996