Primary Election: Tuesday, August 28, 2012
star General Election: Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Primary Elections

US Senate

(for seat of retiring U.S. Senator Jon Kyl (Republican))

Richard Carmona (Democrat)

Wil Cardon (Republican)
Jeff Flake (Republican)
Bryan Hackbarth (Republican)
Clair Van Steenwyk (Republican)

US Congress

U.S. Representative in Congress - District 1:
Ann Kirkpatrick (Democrat)
Jonathan Paton (Republican)

U.S. Representative in Congress - District 2:
Ron Barber (Democrat)
Martha McSally (Republican)

U.S. Representative in Congress - District 3:
Raul Grijalva (Democrat)
Blanca Guerra (Libertarian)
Gabriela Saucedo Mercer (Republican)

U.S. Representative in Congress - District 4:
Johnnie Robinson (Democrat)
Joe Pamelia (Libertarian)

Paul Gosar
Richard Grayson
Rick Murphy (Republican)

U.S. Representative in Congress - District 5:
Spencer Morgan (Democrat)
Matt Salmon (Libertarian)

U.S. Representative in Congress - District 6:
Matt Jette (Democrat)
Mark Salazar
Jack Anderson (Libertarian)

David Schweikert (Republican)

U.S. Representative in Congress - District 7:
Scott Fistler
Ed Pastor (Democrat)
Joe Cobb (Libertarian)

U.S. Representative in Congress - District 8:
Stephen Dolgos (Americans Elect)
Gene Scharer (Democrat)

Trent Franks

U.S. Representative in Congress - District 9:
Kyrsten Sinema (Democrat)
Powell Gammill
Vernon Parker (Republican)

State Senator

District 1
Tom Rawles (Independent)
Steve Pierce (Republican)

District 2
Linda Lopez (Democrat)

District 3
Olivia Cajero Bedford (Democrat)
Maria Garcia (Democrat)

District 4
Lynne Pancrazi (Democrat)

District 5
Beth Weisser (Democrat)

Nancy McLain (Republican)
Sam Scarmardo (Republican)
Kelli Ward (Republican)

District 6
Tom Chabin (Democrat)

Chester Crandell (Republican)

District 7
Jack C. Jackson, Jr. (Democrat)

District 8
Barbara McGuire (Democrat)

Joe Ortiz (Republican)

District 9
Steve Farley (Democrat)

Tyler Mott (Republican)

District 10
David Bradley (Democrat)

Frank Antenori (Republican)

District 11
Jo Holt (Democrat)

Al Melvin (Republican)

District 12
Andy Biggs (Republican)

District 13
Don Shooter (Republican)

District 14
Patricia Fleming (Democrat)

Gail Griffin (Republican)

District 15
Dennis Grenier (Libertarian)

Nancy Barto (Republican)

District 16
Scott Prior (Democrat)

Rich Crandall (Republican)
John Fillmore (Republican)

District 17
Bill Gates (Democrat)

Steve Yarbrough (Republican)

District 18
Janie Hydrick (Democrat)

John McComish (Republican)

District 19
Anna Tovar (Democrat)

District 20
Michael Powell (Democrat)

Doug "Q" Quelland (Independent)

Kimberly Yee (Republican)

District 21
Michael Tarrats (Democrat)

Rick Murphy (Republican)

District 22
Judy Burges (Republican)

District 23
Michele Reagan (Republican)

District 24
Ken Cheuvront (Democrat)
Katie Hobbs (Democrat)

Augustine "Auggie" Bartning (Republican)

District 25
Greg Gadek (Democrat)

Russell Pearce (Republican)
Bob Worsley (Republican)

District 26
Ed Ableser (Democrat)

Damian Trabel (Libertarian)

Jerry Lewis (Republican)

District 27
Victor Jett Contrares (Democrat)
Leah Landrum (Democrat)

Sarah Coleman (Democrat)

District 28
Eric Shelley (Democrat)

Adam Driggs (Republican)

District 29
Steve Gallardo (Democrat)

District 30
Robert Meza (Democrat)
Raquel Terán (Democrat)


State Representative

District 1
Karen Fann (Republican)
Lori Klein (Republican)
Andy Tobin (Republican)

District 2
Andrea Dalessandro (Democrat)
Rosanna Gabaldón (Democrat)

John Christopher Ackerley (Republican)

District 3
Sally Ann Gonzales (Democrat)
Macario Saldata (Democrat)

District 4
Juan Carlos "J.C." Escamilla (Democrat)
Charlene R. Fernandez (Democrat)
Lisa Otondo (Democrat)

District 5
P.L. Durbin (Democrat)

Sonny Borrelli (Republican)
Wyatt Brooks (Republican)
Doris Goodale (Republican)
George Albert Schnittgrund (Republican)

District 6
Doug Ballard (Democrat)
Angela Lefevre (Democrat)

Brenda Barton (Republican)
Bob Thorpe (Republican)

District 7
Albert Hale (Democrat)
Jamescita Peshlakai (Democrat)
Phil Stago (Democrat)

District 8
George Arredondo (Democrat)
Ernest Bustamante (Democrat)
Emily Verdugo (Democrat)

Frank Pratt (Republican)
Thomas "T.J." Shope (Republican)

District 9
Dustin Cox (Democrat)
Mohur Sarah Sidhwa (Democrat)
Victoria Steele (Democrat)

Ethan Orr (Republican)

District 10
Stefanie Mach (Democrat)
Brandon Patrick (Democrat)
Bruce Wheeler (Democrat)

Todd A. Clodfelter (Republican)
Ted Vogt (Republican)

District 11
Dave Joseph (Democrat)

Adam Kwasman (Republican)
Steve Smith (Republican)

District 12
Larry "Lucky" Chesley (Republican)
Eddie Farnsworth (Republican)
Warren Petersen (Republican)

District 13
Russ Jones (Republican)
Darin Mitchell (Republican)
Steve Montenegro (Republican)

District 14
Robert Leach (Democrat)
Mark Stonebraker (Democrat)

David Gowan (Republican)
David Stevens (Republican)

District 15
Patricia Flickner (Democrat)

John Allen (Republican)
James Bearup (Republican)
Heather Carter (Republican)
David Burnell Smith (Republican)

District 16
Matthew Cerra (Democrat)

Doug Coleman (Republican)
Jeff Davis (Republican)
Judy Novalsky (Republican)
Kelly Townsend (Republican)

District 17
Karyn Lathan (Democrat)
Tom Forese (Republican)
J.D. Mesnard (Republican)

District 18
Darin Fisher (Democrat)
Corey Harris (Democrat)

Brent Fine (Independent)

Jeff Dial (Republican)

Bob Robson (Republican)

District 19
Mark A. Cardenas (Democrat)
Lupe Chavira Contreras (Democrat)
Bryan Kilgore (Democrat)
Lorenzo Sierra (Democrat)

District 20
Tonya Norwood (Democrat)
Jackie Thrasher (Democrat)

George H. Benavides, Sr (Republican)
Paul Boyer (Republican)
Carl Seel (Republican)

District 21
Carol Lokare (Democrat)
Sheri Van Horsen (Democrat)

Rick Gray (Republican)
Debbie Lesko (Republican)

District 22
Jeanette Dubreil (Republican)
David Livingston (Republican)
Phil Lovas (Republican)

District 23
John Kavanagh (Republican)
Jennifer Petersen (Republican)
Michelle Ugenti (Republican)

District 24
Lela Alston (Democrat)
Chad Campbell (Democrat)
Jean Cheuvront-McDermott (Democrat)
Tom Nerini (Democrat)

Brian Kaufman (Republican)

District 25
David Butler (Democrat)

Justin D. Olson (Republican)
Justin Pierce (Republican)

District 26
Juan Mendez (Democrat)
Andrew Sherwood (Democrat)

Haryaksha Gregor Knauer (Green)

Chris Will (Libertarian)

Buckley Merrill (Republican)
Raymond D. Speakman (Republican)
Mary Lou Taylor (Republican)
Jason Youn (Republican)

District 27
Reginald Bolding (Democrat)
Ruben Gallego (Democrat)
Catherine Miranda (Democrat)

Ángel Torres (Green)

Daniel Coleman (Republican)

District 28
Eric Meyer (Democrat)

Kate Brophy McGee (Republican)
Amanda Reeve (Republican)

District 29
Lydia Hernández (Democrat)
Martin J. Quezada (Democrat)
Martin Samaniego (Democrat)

District 30
Jonathan Larkin (Democrat)
Debbie McCune-Davis (Democrat)
Mike Snitz (Democrat)


Arizona Corporation Commissioner

Marcia Busching (Democrat)
Sandra Kennedy (Democrat)
Paul Newman (Democrat)

Susan Bitter Smith (Republican)
Robert "Bob" Burns (Republican)
Bob Stump (Republican)
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