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Election Day: star November 2, 2010

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District Representatives

US Congress

District 1
Ann Kirkpatrick (Democrat)
Paul Gosar (Republican)

District 2
John Thrasher (Democrat)
Powell Gammill (Libertarian)
Trent Franks (Republican)

District 3
Jon Hulburd (Democrat)
Michael Shoen (Libertarian)
Ben Quayle (Republican)

District 4
Ed Pastor (Democrat)
Rebecca Dewitt (Green Party)
Joe Cobb (Libertarian)
Janet Contreras (Republican)

District 5
Harry Mitchell (Democrat)
Nick Coons (Libertarian)
David Schweikert (Republican)

District 6
Rebecca Schneider (Democrat)
Jeff Flake (Republican)

District 7
Raul M. Grijalva (Democrat)
George Keane (Libertarian)
Ruth McClung (Republican)

District 8
Gabrielle Giffords (Democrat)
Steven Stoltz (Libertarian)
Jesse Kelly (Republican)


State Senator

District 1
Bob Donahue (Democrat)
Steve Pierce (Republican)

District 2
Jack C. Jackson Jr. (Democrat)

District 3
Beth Weisser (Democrat)
Ron Gould (Republican)

District 4
Sue Dolphin (Democrat)
Scott Bundgaard (Republican)

District 5
Elaine Bohlmeyer (Democrat)
Sylvia Tenney (Republican)

District 6
Pat Flickner (Democrat)
Lori Klien (Republican)

District 7
Eric Shelley (Democrat)
Nancy Barto (Republican)

District 8
Stuart Turnansky (Democrat)
Michele Reagan (Republican)

District 9
Sheri Van Horsen (Democrat)
Michael Patti (Libertarian)
Rick Murphy (Republican)

District 10
Justin Johnson (Democrat)
Linda Gray (Republican)

District 11
Rita Dickinson (Democrat)
Adam Driggs (Republican)

District 12
Tyler Kissell (Democrat)
Michael White (Libertarian)
John Nelson (Republican)

District 13
Steve Gallardo (Democrat)

District 14
Robert Meza (Democrat)

District 15
Kyrsten Sinema (Democrat)
Bob Thomas (Republican)

District 16
Leah Landrum (Democrat)

District 17
David Schapira (Democrat)
Garret Chartier-Dickie (Libertarian)
Wendy Rogers (Republican)

District 18
Andrew Sherwood (Democrat)
Andrea Garcia (Libertarian)
Russell Pearce (Republican)

District 19
Rich Crandall (Republican)
William Munsil (Libertarian)

District 20
John McComish (Republican)

District 21
Steve Yarbrough (Republican)

District 22
Andy Biggs (Republican)

District 23
Rebecca Rios (Democrat)
Steve Smith (Republican)

District 24
Amanda Aguirre (Democrat)
Jack Kretzer (Libertarian)

District 25
Manuel V. Alvarez (Democrat)
Gail Griffin (Republican)

District 26
Cheryl Cage (Democrat)
Al Melvin (Republican)

District 27
Olivia Cajero Bedford (Democrat)

District 28
Paula Aboud (Democrat)

District 29
Linda Lopez (Democrat)

District 30
Todd Camenisch (Democrat)
Frank Antenori (Republican)


State Representative

District 1
Lindsay Bell (Democrat)
Karen Fann (Republican)
Andy Tobin (Republican)

District 2
Albert Hale (Democrat)
Tom Chabin (Democrat)
Frank Mulligan (Libertarian)

District 3
Doris Goodale (Republican)
Nancy McLain (Republican)

District 4
Karina Guerrero (Democrat)
Judy M. Burges (Republican)
Jack W. Harper (Republican)

District 5
Bill Shumway (Democrat)
Prescott Winsow (Democrat)
Brenda Barton (Republican)
Chester Crandell (Republican)

District 6
Teri Conrad (Democrat)
Amanda Reeve (Republican)
David E Fitzgerald III (Republican)

District 7
Don Chilton (Democrat)
Peter Royers (Democrat)
Jim Iannuzo (Libertarian)
David Smith (Republican)
Heather Carter (Republican)

District 8
John Kriekard (Democrat)
John Kavanagh (Republican)
Michelle Ugenti (Republican)

District 9
Shirley McAllister (Democrat)
Debbie Lesko (Republican)
Rick Gray (Republican)

District 10
Aaron Jahneken (Democrat)
Jackie Thrasher (Democrat)
James Weiers (Republican)
Kimberly Yee (Republican)

District 11
Eric Meyer (Democrat)
Kate Brophy McGee (Republican)
Eric West (Republican)

District 12
Angela Cotera (Democrat)
Justin Dahl (Green Party)
Jerry Weiers (Republican)
Steve Montenegro (Republican)

District 13
Richard Miranda (Democrat)
Anna Tovar (Democrat)

District 14
Debbie McCune-Davis (Democrat)
Chad Campbell (Democrat)

District 15
Lela Alston (Democrat)
Katie Hobbs (Democrat)
Luisa Evonne Valdez (Green Party)
Caroline B. Condit (Republican)
Paul Yoder (Republican)

District 16
Ruben Gallego (Democrat)
Catherine H. Miranda (Democrat)
Angel Torres (Green Party)
Michael Gular (Republican)

District 17
Ed Ableser (Democrat)
P. Ben Arredondo (Democrat)
Gregor Knauer (Green Party)
Damian Trabel (Libertarian)
Cristian Dumitrescu (Libertarian)
Donald Hawker (Republican)

District 18
Michael Conway (Democrat)
Chris A. H. Will (Libertarian)
Cecil Ash (Republican)
Steve Court (Republican)

District 19
Kit Filbey (Democrat)
Kirk Adams (Republican)
Justin Olson (Republican)

District 20
Rae Waters (Democrat)
Jeff Dial (Republican)
Bob Robson (Republican)

District 21
Linda J. Macias (Green Party)
Tom Forese (Republican)
J.D. Mesnard (Republican)

District 22
Eddie Farnsworth (Republican)
Steve Urie (Republican)

District 23
Barbara McGuire (Democrat)
Ernest Bustamante (Democrat)
John Fillmore (Republican)
Frank Pratt (Republican)

District 24
Lynne Pancrazi (Democrat)
John Weil (Democrat)
Russ Jones (Republican)

District 25
Patricia V. Fleming (Democrat)
David Stevens (Republican)

District 26
Nancy Young Wright (Democrat)
Vic Williams (Republican)
Terri Proud (Republican)

District 27
Sally Ann Gonzales (Democrat)
Macario Saldate (Democrat)
Kent Solberg (Green Party)
Robert I. Compton (Republican)

District 28
Steve Farley (Democrat)
Bruce Wheeler (Democrat)
Ken Smalley (Republican)

District 29
Daniel Patterson (Democrat)
Matt Heinz (Democrat)
Pat Kilburn (Republican)

District 30
Andrea Dalessandro (Democrat)
David Gowan (Republican)

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