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Visions of Arizona  A KAET Production

Adriel Heisey, Jerry Jacka, Barry Goldwater. Three photographers in pursuit of a vision. They have explored the farthest reaches of Arizona, discovering its natural splendor, its rich cultural history and its native peoples. Each man chose a different path, but all were determined to achieve their dream — their vision of Arizona.

Adriel Heisey soars like an eagle in a tiny aircraft he built himself, capturing extraordinary images of the landscape below. "Flying makes it possible for me to see the Earth in this special way," he says. "Photography allows me to record an experience that otherwise would be gone immediately after it occurs, like a dream."

Jerry Jacka, one of Arizona Highways magazine's most prolific photographers, uses his camera as an easel ... a painter of light creating unforgettable pictures. "One of the real joys in what I do is bringing to people views, objects and places that they may never see in their own lives," he says.

Best known as a politician and statesman, the late Barry Goldwater left a more personal legacy — a photographic history of Arizona. "I have crossed this beautiful state by airplane, on horseback, and on foot taking pictures of the land and the people," he said. "I wanted everyone to know what Arizona looked like."

The magazine-style program opens with Heisey's view of Arizona, a contemporary vision achieved by the fact that he is both a skilled pilot and an accomplished photographer. Soaring low and slow over the Navajo Reservation, his images have a unique, almost unearthly beauty. Jacka emerges as an artist of the camera. To see Arizona through his eyes is to linger with history. What began as a hobby for Goldwater became a pictorial record of a young Arizona and its proud people, a lifestyle that has all but disappeared with the passage of years.

Visions of Arizona is made possible by the Kemper and Ethel Marley Foundation and the KAET Program Partners. It is part of KAET's acclaimed Arizona Collection, a continuing series of programs that explores the land, history and people of Arizona.

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