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“At Arizona PBS, we are proud of the financial support that we receive from community members across the state. While only 14 percent of our total budget comes from the federal government, these funds provide important seed money for our station and allow us to leverage additional funding sources. With these resources, Arizona PBS is able to provide support in early childhood education, promote lifelong learning and offer quality local and national programming.  Arizona PBS serves 80 percent of the state and joins with all PBS member stations to engage our community on the important benefits of this fundamental American institution.”

— Arizona PBS General Manager Mary Mazur

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PBS, together with local members stations, serves all Americans with content and services that educate, inform and inspire.


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“For more than two generations of Americans, The Fred Rogers Company has partnered with CPB and PBS to share what Fred Rogers called an ‘expression of care’ for children and families through broadcast and digital media as well as neighborhood outreach. We stand firmly in support of continued federal funding for public media. In the nearly 50 years since Fred spoke on its behalf before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Communication, public broadcasting has provided countless hours of free, evidence-based educational content to millions of children, exploring topics like science, literacy, math, and the core social and emotional subjects that foster kindness, friendship, curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.”

One of Arizona’s Best Investments

Public broadcasting is one of America's best investments — just about $1.35 per citizen each year.

For every $100 of federal spending, public broadcasting receives just a penny.

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