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Volunteer Friends of Eight celebrate another great year of sharing their talent and service at the annual banquet.

Join the more than 800 Arizonans who donate their time to support Eight 's membership drives and other volunteer activities.

The Volunteer Friends of Eight are dedicated community volunteers with diverse cultural, economic, and work backgrounds. They assist Eight with their time, talent and service. The Volunteer Friends are committed to the support and growth of the station, and are a vital part of fundraising and outreach activities. Volunteers participate in Membership Drives, Community Events, Station Tours and Office Assistance. To learn more, contact Caryl Jonas, Volunteer Program Manager at (602) 496-9685 or caryl.jonas@asu.edu.

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We are currently recruiting volunteer phone operators for our August Pledge Drive. Now is a great time to get involved with the Volunteer Friends of Eight to assist with fundraising for Eight! Following is the shift schedule.   Please email Caryl Jonas, caryl.jonas@asu.edu with the shifts you are interested in attending. If you have never volunteered with us before, a volunteer application will be provided.

Available August Pledge Drive Shifts:

Saturday, Aug. 8
5:30-10:30 p.m.

Sunday, Aug. 9
5-10:30 p.m.

Wednesday, Aug. 12
5:30-10:30 p.m.


Support Eight by becoming a Volunteer Friend

As a member of the Volunteer Friends of Eight, we rely on your dependability and flexibility to participate in a variety of activities. Once you register as a Volunteer Friend, you will receive email notifications when volunteer opportunities are available. The minimum age requirement is 16 years. Civic, social, and high school groups are welcome to participate in membership drives.


Membership Drives

Participating in Eight's most important fundraising activity is enjoyable and easy. Membership drives are held approximately 5 times (March, June, August, October, and December) throughout the year.

  • Telephone Operators take calls from viewers wishing to pledge their financial support to Eight. The pledge shifts are approximately 5 hours long and are held on weekends and weekday evenings. A short training session is conducted prior to each shift and meals are provided.
  • Hospitality Captains set up refreshments and food donated by restaurants.
  • Pledge Captains assist with training and answer questions for the phone operators during the shift.


Community Events

Volunteers assist staff and act as greeters and hosts to represent Eight at social, fundraising and educational events held throughout the year. Eight's events include: ASU Homecoming; Annual Beer Tasting; Be More Awards; Educational events conducted by ASSET; Concerts and Workshops.


Tour Guides

Groups of all ages and interests contact Eight to arrange tours of the station. Volunteers receive training about Eight's history and the latest technology currently in use. A tour takes about an hour and provides a look at the control room and studios. Tours are conducted during business hours.


Office Assistance

Volunteers assist with stuffing and mailing letters, data entry, answering phones and various office work requested by Eight staff.


Group Participation

We welcome groups to join us during our membership drives. Usually, we ask a group to provide 10-15 volunteers phone operators for a shift. It is a great team building experience and an excellent way to support your community.


For more information or to notify us of your interest in volunteering, please contact:

Caryl Jonas
Volunteer Program Manager