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For many donors to Eight/KAET, a donation of common stock (including mutual funds) may provide added tax benefits to the donor. This is particularly the case if your investment portfolio includes highly appreciated common stock or mutual funds.

Gifts of appreciated securities held longer than one year are exempt from capital gains taxes and entitle the donor to a tax deduction equal to the market value of the securities at the time of transfer. It's a tax-wise way to support Eight/KAET.

To avoid exposure to capital gain tax, the common stock must be transferred directly to the ASU Foundation for the exclusive benefit of Eight/KAET. The ASU Foundation will then liquidate the stock and transfer the proceeds into Eight/KAET's account. The donor then receives credit for the value of the gift on the date of the receipt of the stock by the ASU Foundation.

Gary McMahan To make a current gift of stock, please contact:
Liz Zelazo
Development Officer

(602) 496-5187


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