Planned Giving
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Charitable Remainder Trusts

How They Work:

A charitable remainder trust lets you convert highly appreciated securities or real estate into income for life or a term of years without incurring capital gains tax when the asset is sold. The appreciated asset is transferred into an irrevocable charitable remainder trust and is then sold by the trustee. The proceeds are reinvested, and you and/or another designated beneficiary(ies) receive income for life or a specified term of years.

When the trust terminates, the remainder will be used by Eight/KAET as directed by the donor or for general support.

There are two types of charitable remainder trusts:
Unitrust — The income you receive is a set percentage of the value of the trust's assets, which is revalued each year.

Annuity trust — Income payments are fixed and determined when the trust is set up. The annuity trust is most attractive to individuals who wish to avoid market risk.

Your Benefits:

  • Income for life or a term of years
  • Potential for low-yielding assets to turn into more income
  • A significant income tax deduction
  • No capital gain tax at the time of the gift is appreciated assets are used to fund the trust
  • Potentially reduced estate taxes and probate costs
We would be pleased to discuss the possibility of the ASU Foundation on behalf of Eight/KAET serving as trustee of your charitable remainder trust.

We are always happy to consult with you and your advisor about the various charitable trust options and can provide computer modeling showing how the trust would work in your particular circumstances.

"KAET presented me with an opportunity to leave a legacy through projects and issues that were important to me. Planned giving motivates you to make the gift during life, but allows you to still be in control of the assets used to make it. I like this because I know the work will continue long after I'm gone."
Linda Bliss on her family's legacy to Public Broadcasting in Arizona.


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