Arizona PBS/KAET Reception

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Reception FAQs

Are you receiving Arizona PBS from a Cable System? If yes, please contact your local Cable Company.

Where are you watching us? (Phoenix, Flagstaff, Verde Valley, etc...?) If you are watching one of our translators the translator may have failed. If one of our translators has failed, we will be repairing it as soon as possible. Many of the translators in Arizona, California and New Mexico that carry Arizona PBS are not owned by Arizona PBS. We will try to contact the translator owner, if known.

Do you have a second TV? Is Arizona PBS OK on that TV?

Are you having difficulty receiving other stations? Do your neighbors receive Arizona PBS OK? If yes, you may have a problem, but not necessarily your TV - it may be your antenna or possibly electrical interference.

Do you have an antenna on the roof?

If yes, is it OK? Are the antenna wires ok? Frequently a strong storm will cause damage to outside antennas. Is the antenna still pointing in the correct direction? We find the most common cause of reception problems to be an outdoor antenna that the wind has moved, pointing it in the wrong direction.

Are you seeing Arizona PBS's picture OK, but the sound does not match the picture?

You may be hearing Arizona PBS's SAP (Second Audio Program). For selected programs, it's DVS (Descriptive Video Service). On the TV remote control, look for a button labeled SAP, or Bilingual, or MTS, or Second Audio or Alt. Audio. Press that button a couple of times, you should be able to find the proper sound to match the picture. If your remote doesn't have one of those buttons, look in the audio or setup section of the on screen menu.

Transmission Technical Information

  • RF Channel 8: 180 to 186 MegaHertz.
  • ATSC digital television standard, 8-VSB modulation.
  • ERP = 40 kW, 912 meters AMSL.
  • The PBS Satellite is AMC 21 located at 125 degrees west.
  • For information about receiving PBS on backyard dish call: 877.727.4144, or send an email to:

Arizona translators carrying Arizona PBS/KAET

Once converted to digital, these translators will be tuned as 8.1, 8.2, etc, and your TV will display 8.1, etc.

Arizona PBS owns and operates these translators:
  • K47GQ Channel 47 Ash Fork, Williams, Grand Canyon - DIGITAL
  • K42AC Channel 42 Clarkdale, Cornville, Cottonwood, Prescott Valley - DIGITAL
  • K14KK Channel 14 Flagstaff - DIGITAL
  • K43LW-D Channel 43 Prescott, Chino Valley - DIGITAL
  • K03FB Channel 3 Show Low, Lakeside, Pinetop, Snowflake, Taylor - DIGITAL
  • K43IB Channel 43 Globe, Miami - DIGITAL
  • K19CX Channel 19 Yuma
Translators that are owned and operated by other local entities:
  • K02HR Channel 2 Bullhead City/Katherines Landing (Mohave County) - DIGITAL
  • K47IK Channel 47 Camp Verde, Cornville, Rimrock, Verde Valley (VV TV Club))
  • K32DW Channel 32 Chloride (Mohave County) - DIGITAL
  • K49GE Channel 49 Kingman (Mohave County) - DIGITAL
  • K31GZ Channel 31 Lake Havasu City (Mohave County) - DIGITAL
  • K49BX Channel 49 Martinez Lake (Wellton-Mohawk Irr. District)
  • K42EU Channel 42 Oatman covering Bullhead City, Fort Mohave, Mohave Valley, Topock, Needles, CA, Laughlin, NV
  • K36FZ Channel 36 Meadview (Mohave County) - DIGITAL
  • K61AX Channel 61 Yuma, Wellton - Mohawk Valley (Wellton-Mohawk Irr. District) - Per FCC regulations, 61 ceased broadcasting on 12/31/2011
  • Many of the Mohave County translators are digital.