Arizona PBS Production Services

Searching for studio space for your next media project? Full-service production and post-production facilities? Award-winning scriptwriting, graphic design or web design?

Hire the pros at Arizona PBS!


Arizona PBS delivers outstanding creative solutions in a new state of the art digital media center. Centrally located in the heart of the city, Arizona PBS' downtown Phoenix studios offer the newest, largest fully-equipped studio space in Arizona.

Graphics, web design, sound design and set construction can also be provided through arrangements with various vendor partners.

For creative solutions and full service production & post production services... Arizona PBS Delivers!

For rates and availability or to schedule your next production in Arizona PBS' new state of the art digital media center please contact:

Jeff Halberg


Production Facilities

Studio space, production crews and edit suites are available on a full day, half day or weekly basis. For longer-term projects, an in-house production suite featuring an executive office, 6 workstations, 2 edit bays and a full size conference room is also available. Green rooms and catering options will keep you and your clients comfortable during your time here.

Studio A features 53-hundred square feet and Studio B, 24-hundred square feet. Click for detailed floorplan measurements. Both studios offer high definition television production capabilities for one to four cameras with an 18 foot high lighting grid. You can choose to shoot on any of our existing sets in Studio B, on a green screen or we'll help you design a custom set that fits the tone and style of your production.

Studio A

Studio B
  • 40' X 60'
  • 18' lighting grid height
  • ETC ION lighting console
  • Permanent News/Public Affairs set installed and fully lit, with several integrated sets

Cameras (Available in either studio)
  • 3 – Sony HDC 900 SD / HD video cameras with Fujinon Digi Power 26 lenses with Teleprompters
  • 1- Sony 1400H / HD video camera with HD Fujinon lens

Available Lights
  • Mole Richardson 2K - 19
  • Mole Richardson 2K soft lights - 9
  • Desisti 2K – 14
  • Strand Iris 4 1K - 10
  • Strand Iris 3 3K - 23

EFP Kits
  • 3 – Sony HD video cameras
  • Lowell lighting kits
  • Lavaliere microphones
  • Hand held microphones
  • 3 - Lectrosonic UHF microphones UCR 201 / UM100C
  • 2 – Lectrosonic UHF IFB R1A


Control Room

Adjacent to the studio is the control room complex. It features a camera control and shading area, audio control with a Studer Vista 5 digital audio console, and the production control room which features a Sony 3ME switcher, a chyron Hyper-X-2 running Lyric software and a teleprompter.

  • Sony 3ME video switcher
  • Chyron "Lyric" Character Generator
  • ASA Ki Pro Video File recorders
  • Studer Vista 5 Audio Console
  • Q Max teleprompter system
  • Final Cut Pro & Adobe Premiere editing work station
  • 1-DVW A500 Digital Beta cam tape recorder
  • Riedel intercom
  • KU Digital uplink


Editing Suites

Arizona PBS' post-production suites feature non-linear HD edit systems equipped with Final Cut Pro HD, After Effects, and 3-D imaging software. An adjacent audio booth makes onsite voice over recordings a snap and 5 point one surround sound will enhance your editing experience.
  • Full HD Final Cut Pro & Adobe Premiere editing systems
  • 24 terabyte XSAN server


Facilities for Events & Seminars

View an example of an event set-up
  • Studio Rental 1/2 Day Full Day
  • Studio Only/No Equipment
  • Studio & Equipment
  • Single Camera Production with Crew
  • Three Camera Production with Crew
  • Producer
  • Set & Light
  • Field Production
  • Single Camera with Crew
  • Link to Web (1 Hour/100 Users)
  • Satellite Uplink
  • Stage (12' x 16' x 16")
  • PA System
  • Projector & Screen
  • Podium
  • Multi-Media Set-Up
  • Includes 2 screens, projectors, PA and Crew
  • Seating
  • Banquet (10 people)
  • Classroom (8 people)
  • Theater (10 people)
  • Bar (6')
  • Cocktail Tables
  • Coffee & Water
  • Security Deposit


Audio Production Facilities and Equipment

KBAQ Production Studio

Studio/Control Room, two identical Edit Rooms and Professional Audio Staff available on hourly, part-day or full-day basis. Spacious common area available for consultation/conferencing.


Audio Production Studio
  • 13.5’ X 14’ - 189 sq ft
  • Accommodates up to six-person voice conference
  • Accommodates a small music ensemble of up to four players
  • Studio acoustics flexible based on use
  • Audio for video capability
  • Microphones
  • (2) AKG C 426 B stereo mic
  • AKG C 1000 S
  • Electro-Voice RE27N/D
  • (4) Neumann BCM 104
  • Neumann KM 183
  • Neumann KM 184
  • Neumann U 87
  • Neumann USM 69 I stereo mic
  • Sanken COS-11x-BP lavalier
  • Sanken COS-11d-BP lavalier
  • (2) Schoeps CMXY 4V stereo mic


Control Room

Audio Production Studio


  • Nuendo Digital Audio Workstation
  • AltiVerb plugins
  • Waves SSL plugins
  • iZotope RX
  • Barbabatch

10.5’ X 13.5’ - 142 sq ft


  • Soundcraft Ghost LE console
  • Power Mac G5
  • Adams A7 monitors
  • Euphonix MC Control
  • Euphonix MC Mix
  • RME Fireface 800 w/ TCO
  • Alesis HD24 multi-track recorder
  • Tascam DV-RA1000HD recorder
  • HHB CDR-882 CD recorder
  • Lexicon PCM91 reverb
  • Dynacord DRP20X reverb
  • Drawmer DL251 compressor
  • dbx 162SL compressor


Two Identical Sound Edit Suites

Audio Production Studio

10.5’ x 15’ - 158 sq ft Each

Each Suite Contains:

  • SoundBlade Digital Audio Workstation
  • Soundcraft EPM-8 console
  • Power Mac G5
  • Tascam DV-RA1000HD recorder
  • dbx 1066 compressor
  • T.C. Electronic M-One XL signal processor


Location Recording

Professional audio/recording engineers and self-contained complete recording kits available for location recordings.


For more information, please contact:
Alex Kosiorek