Poetry Out Loud

Sunnyside High School, Tucson

Cassandra Valadez ** WINNER **
Cassandra is a senior and DECA Chapter President. She is a highly motivated individual whose ability to achieve her goals and help others is a skill to be commended. Her passion lies within youth empowerment. There is no limit to her potential, as whatever she does, she does intensely. She hopes to go to the College of the Ozarks.

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Glendale Preparatory, Glendale

Nathan Poston * First Runner-Up *
Nathan is a 15-year-old sophomore at Glendale Preparatory Academy planning to attend Brigham Young University. He enjoys great books, basketball, Thai food and swing dancing.

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Sedona Red Rock High School, Sedona

Mackinzi Taylor * Finalist *
Mackinzi, a senior, is a veteran slam poet, music lover, book worm, caffeine fiend and avid hiker. She hopes to attend the University of Colorado, Boulder to major in architecture and creative writing.

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Brophy College Preparatory, Phoenix

Matthew "Ryan" Frankel * Finalist *
Ryan, a junior, is assistant editor of the school literary magazine, involved in speech and debate teams, musical theater and community service. He plays jazz saxophone at Scottsdale Community College and recently won a scholarship to study Mandarin in China. He enjoys swimming, hiking and playing tennis.

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Nogales High School, Nogales

Jessica Gonzalez
Jessica is a senior and has been interested in poetry since a young age. This year, she was able to overcome her fear of public speaking through Poetry Out Loud. She has a passion for all things creative and hopes to pursue graphic design.

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Tri-City College Preparatory, Prescott

Adriana Hurtado
Adriana is a sophomore at Tri-City Preparatory High School. She is active in creative writing and is a member of the softball team.

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Westview High School, Avondale

Annais Lopez Sanchez
Annais is an 18-year-old senior at Westview High. She's hoping to make a difference in people's lives through politics and law and adores participating in choir and theatre.

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Kingman High School, Kingman

Tiffany Newell
Tiffany is a junior at Kingman High School. She was born in the city of Kingman and has lived there all of her life. She has been a participant in Poetry Out Loud since her freshman year. She enjoys reading, writing, poetry, music, taking photos, collecting records and cameras, playing with her rats and going on epic adventures.

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St. Augustine Catholic High School, Tucson

Mark Anthony Niadas
Mark is passionate about acting, having performed in several productions at St. Augustine. He also enjoys being on the track team and spending time with friends. Mark, a committed member of Campus Ministry, hopes to attend UNLV, Maryland State or Abilene Christian to study either business or psychology.

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