Podcasting is a way of publishing audio broadcasts via the internet. Specifically, podcasts are feeds (such as RSS feeds) that contain digital audio files, such as MP3 files. You can subscribe to feeds using software that periodically checks for and downloads new content automatically. This software is available on the web and is generally free; here is a sampling of available programs (please note, Arizona PBS does not endorse or guarantee any particular software program):

To subscribe to a podcast, copy the link address provided below and follow your podcast software's instructions. Once you subscribe, you can listen to the podcast on your computer or transfer it to a portable MP3 player, such as an iPhone, iPad or iPod or Apple TV.

Arizona Horizon

In-depth discussions with Arizona's government officials, business leaders and policy makers about issues that affect Arizonans everyday lives.
- Arizona Horizon Podcasts

Books & Co.

- Visit the site to hear audio from over 150 episodes of Books & Co.
The Arizona PBS production returns for its 19th season. Books & Co. explores the craft of writing through the author's perspective.
- Books & Co. Podcast