Facing the Mortgage Crisis
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Ask a Mortgage Expert: Facing the Mortgage Crisis

Experts from the Arizona Foreclosure Prevention Task Force, the Arizona Attorney General's Office and the Arizona Department of Housing will explain the options for homeowners threatened with foreclosure.

Once you have an appointment scheduled with a HUD-approved housing counselor, you will need to bring the following:

  • Written explanation letter detailing the reason for your mortgage delinquency. Be specific and include details, dates, etc.
  • 30 days worth of your most current consecutive pay stubs
  • Social Security or Pension award letters
  • All W2's or 1099's for the past 2 years
  • Complete tax returns for the past 2 years (If self employed, need most recent Profit & Loss statement.)
  • All correspondence from all mortgage lenders
  • Most recent mortgage statement from all lenders
  • Copy of your Hazard Declaration page
  • Copy of your most current Property Tax Statement from the county
  • Copies of Note, Deed of Trust, Truth in Lending, Good Faith Estimate, and Final HUD settlement statement
  • 2 months worth of your most current consecutive bank states. (All pages please.)
  • A copy of your Notice of Trustee Sale, if applicable