Eight Salutes 100 years of Arizona people, places and cultures


• A Moment in Time: 5 Cs (featured here)
• A Moment in Time: Women's Suffrage
• Horizon - Countdown to Arizona’s Centennial
• Horizon - Theodore Roosevelt Dam Centennial
• Horizonte - Sacred Heart Church

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Did You Know?
Arizona Facts Arizona has:
• more golf courses than Scotland
• more mountains than Switzerland
• doubled its population every 20 years since 1900

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State Symbols

State Symbols

The state flower is the white blossom of the saguaro, the largest cactus in the United States...

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Arizona Stories
Arizona Stories Arizona Stories is a multimedia project that encompasses television programs, DVDs, a companion Web site and a comprehensive educational component for K-12 educators. Our goal is three-fold: create engaging local content that entertains and educates a general audience about Arizona's rich heritage; provide Arizona educators with quality content, educator guides and training aligned to state standards; and provide a diverse and easily accessible historical resource as we count down to the Arizona Centennial.

Dig deeper into the subjects with complete program transcripts, Google® map interactivity with exact directions to historical locations, and extra “learn more” sections with lists of books, articles and additional research.

ASSET, Eight's educational outreach department, provides direct, hands-on training to more than 1,000 K-12 educators, guiding them in the use of the broadcast program, Web site, and print materials in Arizona standards-based classroom instruction. 

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Then & Now

Watch as the early 20th century images transform into the contemporary photography of Allen Dutton, Paul Scharbach and Jim Todd. Each photograph is captured from the exact location illustrating how much (or little) Arizona has changed.

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Arizona State Flag
State Symbols Charles Wilfred Harris, Colonel in the Arizona National Guard, served as the captain of the unit's rifle team in 1910. During the rifle competition at Camp Perry, Ohio, the Arizona team was the only team without an emblem of any kind. Colonel Harris was chiefly responsible for the creation of the rifle team flag that in 1917 became the Arizona State Flag. Blue and gold are the colors of Arizona. Red and gold are the colors carried by Coronado's Expedition of 1540 to the Seven Cities of Cibola. The blue is "liberty blue" identical to the color in the United States flag field of stars. Since Arizona is a western state the rays of the setting sun seemed appropriate. There are thirteen rays representing the original "thirteen colonies." The large copper star identifies Arizona as the largest producer of copper in the United States. On February 27, 1917, the legislature passed the bill to adopt this flag as the official Arizona State Flag despite dissenting votes and Governor Campbell's refusal to affix his signature to the bill.

Source: Arizona Capitol Museum