Arizona PBS delivers… you'll see that message more frequently on air, online, and in the Arizona PBS Magazine. It's our promise to you to continue to deliver groundbreaking, high quality programming; in-depth analysis of local issues; safe, educational viewing for your children; and educational outreach initiatives to enrich Arizona's future.

We know it is your support – for more than 50 years now – that makes all our accomplishments possible.

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Arizona PBS Delivers… Access

  • Arizona PBS delivers… Across Arizona.
    • Approximately 80% of Arizona households can watch Arizona PBS' quality programming on Multiple Digital TV channels – Channels 8.1, 8.2 & 8.3.
    • Each week, more than 1 million Arizonans tune in to watch Eight.
  • Arizona PBS delivers … Local Perspective and Control. Arizona PBS is virtually the last locally-owned media in Arizona. Arizona PBS is all about community service – not profit making. Eight is an independent, local channel that is free from commercial influence.
  • Arizona PBS delivers… Beyond Television. Arizona PBS' website (www.azpbs.org) draws about 40,000 visitors each month with thousands downloading pages of information from the site as well as podcasts and online video. Arizona PBS' monthly program magazine is sent to more than 40,000 households. Arizona PBS also conducts educational outreach services and community-based initiatives. In partnership with Arizona State University, Arizona PBS serves as a trusted, independent catalyst for community involvement.


Arizona PBS Delivers… Excellence

  • Arizona PBS delivers… Breadth and Depth in High Quality Programming. We specialize in the education of children, provision of unbiased news and public affairs programs, opportunities for lifelong learning, and the celebration of the arts, science and culture.
  • Arizona PBS delivers… Education.
    • PBS is the foremost media educator of children… 10 hours each weekday is devoted to high-quality educational programming for children.
    • Arizona teachers have participated in over 330,000 hours of online learning through PBS TeacherLine.
    • The nation's educators named PBS their top source of video in the classroom for both off-air taping and product purchase, outperforming such well-known media companies as the Discovery Channel, History Channel and Nickelodeon.
  • Arizona PBS delivers… A Safe Environment for Family Viewing. Arizona PBS' viewers feel that Arizona PBS offers programming that is safe to watch with children without obscene language, images, and commercial messages for products for adult consumers.


Arizona PBS Delivers… Impact

  • Arizona PBS delivers… Trust. PBS is the #1 most trusted media in America and is considered the best use of federal tax dollars (2011 Public Policy Polling).
  • Arizona PBS delivers… Award-winning Programming.
    • Over the past decade, Arizona PBS has chalked up more than 42 Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards, as well as numerous Telly Awards, Cine Gold Eagle Awards, the New York Festivals awards and Associated Press Broadcasters Association Awards honoring many local productions including The Latest Procedure: Anterior Total Hip Replacement, Monumental, Arizona, Over Arizona, Barry Goldwater: Photographs & Memories, Check, Please! Arizona and ASU Discovers: New Perspectives on Research.
    • HORIZON received the 1996 Governor's Award from the Arizona Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. This special Emmy is the chapter's highest honor. The program was also recognized as Arizona Capitol Times’ 2011 Leader of the Year in Public Policy.
  • Arizona PBS delivers… Transparency. You can see what your individual contribution to Arizona PBS is used for each and every day… just turn on your TV (or computer).


Arizona needs at least one independent, non-commercial, non-profit, community-service TV station. Children should have at least one safe source for quality, interruption-free, educational TV. Truly balanced and unbiased public affairs programming is found on the most trusted TV station in Arizona – Eight. Our arts and cultural programs are the biggest and the best — without interruption. Arizona PBS has something for everyone … especially you.


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