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Welcome to Eight Life, Eight’s 24-hour lifestyle channel with something for everyone. Discover programs to enrich your favorite interests or explore topics that can add a whole new dimension to the way you live. Whether it’s cooking, arts and crafts, home projects, health and fitness, or travel and leisure, make Eight Life a part of your life today!

For Eight Life’s current program schedule, visit azpbs.org/schedule.

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'Eight Cooks' Cookbooks

Eight CooksFor more than 10 years, Eight has collected recipes from viewers who love to cook for its series of Eight Cooks cookbooks. Hundreds of viewers have responded, and many of them have even prepared their dishes on the air.
Peruse the Eight Cooks titles for your recipe favorites – or try something new! It’s easy to add one or all of these 15 Arizona-spun recipe books to your own cookbook collection. You’ll find there’s one for every occasion, and they make wonderful gifts!

  • A is for Appetizer
  • C is for Cookies
  • D is for Desserts
  • E is for Entertaining
  • F is for Frugal
  • H is for Hot & Spicy
  • I is for International
  • M is for Mom’s Favorite Recipes
  • Q is for Quick & Easy
  • S is for Salads
  • P is for Pasta
  • P is for Pie

Eight Cooks with Passport – 2008 (featuring chef recipes from restaurants participating in Eight’s Gold Passport card for Friends of Eight)
Eight Cooks with Passport – 2009 (featuring chef recipes from restaurants participating in Eight’s Gold Passport card for Friends of Eight)
Eight Cooks with Passport – 2010 (featuring chef recipes from restaurants participating in Eight’s Gold Passport card for Friends of Eight)

Cost of any individual cookbook is $10. For any three cookbooks, the price is $25. If you purchase all 12 regular cookbooks, cost of the entire collection is $100. If you are an Arizona resident, a 9.3% sales tax will be added to your order. Shipping rates are for 7-14 day delivery in the continental US. For other locations and/or for other shipping options, please inquire when you place your order:

  • 1-3 books: $5.00
  • 3-8 books: $7.00
  • 12-15 books: $8.00
To order your Eight Cooks cookbooks, please call Viewer Services at (602) 496-2308. You can either call or email Viewer Services at eight@asu.edu with any questions about the series. Happy cooking!


Savor the Southwest

Savor the Southwest Host Barbara Fenzl of Savor the Southwest, the popular 13-week public television series, wrote her Savor the Southwest cookbook for people who enjoy preparing zesty, colorful and healthy dishes.

To place an online order for the companion cookbook and a tips-and-techniques video featuring Fenzl, visit azpbs.org/savorthesouthwest/order. Or you can call Viewer Services at (602) 496-2308 or email eight@asu.edu to either place your order or ask any questions. Enjoy!



How to tune in to Eight Life

Over the Air/Rabbit ear Antennas: 8.2 SD

Cox: 80

CenturyLink Prism: Channel 9

Dish Network: Dish Network subscribers who are within reach of our over-the-air broadcasts can request that an OTA (Over The Air) Module be added to the system.  It can be installed by a Dish Network technician or purchased from Dish and installed by the consumer.  This allows an antenna to be added to the system and integrates the OTA channels into the program guide.  Subscribers can call customer service at 1-855-318-0572 for assistance.

If you have a satellite or cable provider other than Cox or Dish Network, call 602-496-2308 to find out how to tune in to Eight Life.









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