Get to Know Miss K.

As the host of Arizona PBS Kids, Miss K. shares brief lessons and other messages with her young viewers in between programs.

Miss K.'s favorite color is blue - what's your favorite color?

Miss. K loves and collects necklaces. What do you collect?

Miss K.'s favorite food is pizza; it makes her happy. What's your favorite food, and how does it make you feel?

Heroes are great! Miss K.'s heroes are police officers, firefighters and people in the military. Who are your heroes?

When you infer something, you're making a guess. Try giving a friend hints about your favorite toy, and see if they can infer what it is.

You can find math anywhere! Miss K. counted all the cacti, hikers and dogs she saw when she went hiking. Can you find math in nature?

When Miss K. dances, she makes a pattern. Try making up your own pattern of dance moves.

Miss K. loves her dog, Wrigley, so much that she wrote a poem about him. Try writing a poem about something you love!

Words rhyme when they sound the same at the end. Can you think of any words that rhyme, like cat and hat, or hop and pop?

It's fun to look for different shapes. How many rectangles, triangles and circles can you spot in your home?

It's fun to go fast like a cheetah, but sometimes it's better to go slow like a turtle. When you practice writing, take your time, and write the letters as slowly as a turtle walks.

It takes a lot of practice to learn how to tie your shoes. If you need help, you can always ask an adult for help.

Learn how to play Math Detective with Miss K., then try playing with your friends.

Can you sky-write the letters in your name? How about all the letters in the alphabet?

When Miss K.'s friend asked her to not let the cat out of the bag, what did she mean?