Images of Arizona

Images of Arizona captures the visual splendor of some of the most spectacular locations in the world through the eyes and lenses of three renowned photographers: Jack Dykinga, LeRoy DeJolie and David Muench. Channel 8 cameras follow along on three Arizona Highways magazine workshops led by these master photographers to see Arizona as it has never been seen before.

The Grand Canyon with Jack Dykinga. Viewers raft the Colorado River, explore the Canyon's riparian ecosystem, view hidden waterfalls and hike isolated side canyons with Jack Dykinga, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer whose work has appeared in calendars, books and such magazines as National Geographic Traveler, Time and Arizona Highways.

Spirits of the Navajo with LeRoy DeJolie. Award-winning Navajo photographer LeRoy DeJolie offers an insider's view of tribal dancing and the largest all-Indian rodeo in the nation. DeJolie's camera captures the exciting Navajo Nation Fair and the extraordinary beauty of Canyon de Chelly.

High Desert Landscapes with David Muench. Navajo country and the magnificent backdrop of Monument Valley are the locations for the segment of the program featuring one of America's greatest living landscape photographers, David Muench. Through his gifted eyes, the desert landscape unfolds in ways never experienced before.

Images of Arizona is made possible by SRP and the KAET Program Partners. It is the newest addition to KAET's acclaimed Arizona Collection, a continuing series of programs that explores the land, history and people of Arizona.

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As seen on KAET, this 57-minute television program takes you to some of Arizona's most spectacular destinations. Raft through the Grand Canyon with Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, Jack Dykinga. Explore majestic Monument Valley with one of America's best landscape photographers, David Muench. And, experience the Navajo Nation Fair and Canyon de Chelly with Navajo photographer LeRoy DeJolie. All three adventures await you in Images of Arizona. A perfect gift for travelers, photographers or anyone interested in the splendors of Arizona. Get your VHS copy of Images of Arizona by contacting Arizona Highways. Phone: 800-543-5432, Fax: 602-254-4505

Want a sneak preview? Check out these clips from Images of Arizona.

• Jack Dykinga segment.
• LeRoy DeJolie segment.

Images of Arizona CDTag along on Friends of Arizona Highways photography workshops and experience some of Arizona's most amazing locations through the eyes and lenses of three of the magazine's celebrated photographers. Raft the Colorado River with Jack Dykinga; visit the Navajo Nation Fair and Canyon de Chelly with LeRoy DeJolie and explore Monument Valley with David Muench. This content rich companion to KAET's Images of Arizona television program includes hundreds of photographs, behind the scenes stories, travel essays, photo journeys, adventure planning, photo tips and photographer interviews plus two CD-ROM exclusive features, an Images of Arizona master photographers' Screen Saver and original music sampler. Get your Images of Arizona companion CD-ROM by contacting Arizona Highways. Phone: 800-543-5432, Fax: 602-254-4505



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