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Navajo National Monument
Monument Valley - Navajo Tribal Park

Navajo National Monument
Betatakin Ruin

What: Betatakin, meaning ledge house, is located in the northeastern part of Arizona on the Navajo Reservation and is a part of the National Park Service. The monument is a group of ancient, yet well preserved ruins that were built by Anasazi during the later 1200s. Betatakin can be seen from the Sandal Trail, however tours to the ruins themselves can be taken only with a ranger once a day (from Memorial Day to Labor Day only). Tickets are required and are given out on a first-come, first-served basis. Reaching the Betatakin cliff dwellings is a strenuous five-mile round trip hike.

Getting There: From Phoenix, Arizona, take Interstate 17 north to Flagstaff. From Flagstaff, take U.S. Highways 89 north to U.S. Highway 160 east. Take U.S. Highway 160 to Black Mesa, turn north onto SR564. Travel nine miles on SR564 to the visitor center.

More Information: The monument is open year round. Navajo National Monument is at an elevation of 7,300 ft. Information on fees, activities, accessibility, camping, hiking, facilities, weather and backcounty permits may be found at or by calling (520) 672-2366.

Where to Stay: Hotel accommodations are available 15 miles from the visitor center at the Anasazi Inn (520) 697-3793, and 30 miles from the visitor center in the town of Kayenta, Arizona.

Monument Valley - Navajo Tribal Park

What: Monument Valley is wide, flat landscape containing colorful red buttes and spires rising hundreds of feet into the air. Spectacular monolith rock formations are the last remnants of the sedimentary rock layers that once covered the entire region. Monument Valley is contained entirely within the Navajo Nation, in both Utah and Arizona. It is one of the most remarkable, beautiful and famous landscapes in the world, early recognized by Hollywood as a stunning background for western films.

Where: From Phoenix, Arizona, take Interstate 17 north to Flagstaff. From Flagstaff, take U.S. Highway 89 north, 67 miles to U.S. Highway 160. Continue northeast on Route 160 for 62 miles to Kayenta, AZ. Monument Valley is 22 miles north of Kayenta Arizona, along U.S. Highway 163.

From Page, AZ take Utah Highway 98 southeast 66 miles to U.S. Highway 160. Turn north for 32 miles to U.S. Highway 163 at Kayenta, turning north 22 miles to the monument.

More Information: Monument Valley is administered by the Navajo Parks and Recreation Department, an agency of the Navajo Nation. For information write:

Navajo Parks and Recreation Department
P.O. Box 308
Window Rock, AZ 86515
602-871-4941 ext. 6647

Monument Valley
P.O. Box 360289
Monument Valley, UT 84536
801-727-3353 or 801-727-3287

Where to Stay: Lodging is not available in Monument Valley. Lodging is available 22 miles south in Kayenta, Arizona, and at Goulding's Lodge (435) 727-3231.


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