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Book: Delightful Journey

By Jillian Robinson

Goldwater & The Canyon

Senator Barry Goldwater had a lifelong passion: the Grand Canyon. As he said toward the end of his life, "If I ever have a mistress, it’s going to be the Grand Canyon … I’ve taken moving pictures, still pictures. I never get tired of looking at this thing."

In 1940, he fulfilled a lifetime ambition: to boat down the Colorado and Green Rivers. He joined eight other "river rats" and traveled from Green River, Utah to the mouth of the Virgin River. From this two-month expedition, he would produce hundreds of still photographs, a short film and a book, Delightful Journey. This trip would also change his life forever:

"I was the 70th person to ever go through the Canyon. I really think it’s what got me started into politics. I took moving pictures of the trip and I guess I averaged four times a week showing the picture all over the state. When someone suggested that I run for the Senate, I thought, well, if there is anyone in the state I haven’t shown these pictures to, I don’t know who they are. So I got into politics for that reason."

Goldwater would make countless trips to the Canyon during the course of his life. It was the one place to which he always returned. For those of us who follow, his photographs, film and book provide an enduring contribution to the lore of the Canyon.

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