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LeRoy DeJolie grew up surrounded by the immense open sky and remote windswept plains of Northern Arizona. It was here he tended his family's flock of sheep among the low-growing sage and rugged sandy-bottomed canyons etched into the Kaibeto Plateau. On early winter mornings, the day began when the warm aroma of coffee filled the cedar fresh interior of his grandmother's snug hogan. Family ceremonies and gatherings, with their traditional Navajo attire, further enriched his vivid memories of a complex culture tied closely to the land.

The vast distances of LeRoy's childhood days were framed by huge sandstone buttes guarding the horizon like silent sentinels. The solitude and spiritual quality of his surroundings created a longing to capture the essence of his heritage, a portrait of the land itself. Mr. DeJolie's sensitivity to the dramatic beauty of his homeland is aptly illustrated in the exquisite images he has obtained using his 4 x 5 Wista Wood Field Camera. Whether he has preserved the silky texture found on the fragile surface of a shifting sand dune or captured the ethereal sense of peace within the cathedral light of the slot canyons, his photographs evoke an appreciation from deep within the viewer.

His award-winning nature and landscape work has been widely exhibited, published, and collected for the past twenty years. Arizona Highways, Native People, New Mexico, the Washington Post, the San Francisco Examiner, Time-Life Books has published Mr. DeJolie's images.

LeRoy DeJolie resides in the small community of LeChee, Arizona where he is able to live close to the people and the land he loves. He observes and comments, "The Navajo Heritage is vanishing from the lives and memories of many of our people today..." His vision is to interpret the Navajo way of life and perhaps perpetuate the art of Navajo storytelling through the lens of his camera. Of his stunning photographs he suggests, "These are the memories, traditions and images that I am compelled to capture and preserve for my children, for my people and the world for generations to come."

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