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Interviewer: What can you tell us about where you were born?

DeJolie: [I was born on] May 12, 1960, Tuba City, AZ, on the Western Agency of a Navajo Indian Reservation. I grew up with a rather large family. My siblings include five brothers, and two sisters. My mother and father still live the old traditional ways of the reservation with livestock as their primary source of livelihood, typical of old times. Currently, I am divorced, and a father of 2 girls, Mariah age 13, and Tara, age 11.

As a kid growing up as a Navajo sheepherder, I can say I lived life at the end of an era. Today, life on the reservation is no longer like it used to be. I can recall my grandfather giving me last minute instructions before my brother and I release our small flock of sheep to graze over the vast grandeur of white knoll on the Kaibeto Plateau. He wore a Stetson hat, and I wore an outdated ball cap from some mission barrel, left behind from some holiday frenzy at the local trading post my grandmother happened upon. Sharing the finery of his typical Navajo attire was his horse. Since he was an expert horseman all his life, he was mounted upon one of the largest stallion in Navajo land. The bit was silver. Mounted on each side of the headstall was a large silver concho. On the left side was a tie rope for use as a lariat. My grandfather always placed the loop of the lasso rope around his horse's neck and tied the rest of the rope to the saddle. My brother and I rode double on a sturdy pony with just a bit in its mouth and a blanket of Germantown yarn fringed at one end as our saddle. We watched the small flock of sheep we tended throughout the day in the blazing sun.

Interviewer: Could you describe your career path?

DeJolie: I have worked diligently for the Salt River Project (SRP) for the past 22 years in Page, AZ., as a Metal Fabricator. SRP is a great company to work for.

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