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Crew Biographies

Jillian Robinson
Executive Producer

Jillian RobinsonJillian Robinson is the Manager of Program Development & Production at KAET, where she also has produced or executive-produced such programs as Images of Arizona, Barry Goldwater: Photographs & Memories, Over Arizona, Savor the Southwest, Legends & Dreamers, Southwest Symphony and Visions of Arizona. These programs have won several Emmys as well as Best of the West, International Film & TV Festivals of New York and Associated Press awards. She has produced for such Web sites as Images of Arizona and Wild Arizona. Prior to joining KAET, Jillian jointly ran a production company in London, where she produced such internationally distributed series as MAESTRO and Unseen Treasures.

Beth Vershure
Executive Producer

Beth VershureBeth Vershure is KAET-TV's Station Manager who also dabbles in television production and more recently, Web production as time permits. In addition to serving as Executive in Charge of various KAET television productions, Beth has executive-produced several programs including Images of Arizona, Read Earth, Read Arizona, Arizona Gives to Education, Books & Co., Barry Goldwater: Photographs and Memories; Thieves of Time; Visions of Arizona, and Wild Arizona. Her production efforts have been recognized with three Emmy awards, a CINE Gold Eagle and a Gold Award from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Suzanne Stock
Researcher/Production Coordinator

Suzanne StockSuzanne Stock is a Researcher at KAET-TV. In addition to conducting research for Program Development & Production, Suzanne has served as a production coordinator on various KAET television and Web projects. Her research and production credits include: Images of Arizona, Legends & Dreamers, Savor the Southwest, Southwest Symphony, Arizona Memories from the '50s, Visions of Arizona, and Wild Arizona.

Ben Avechuco
Audio/On-line Editor

Ben AvechucoBen Avechuco is a Producer/Director for KAET-TV. An Arizona native, he came to KAET as a high school intern in 1982 and has worked here since. Ben's credits include many of KAET's Arizona Collection programs including: Savor the Southwest, Wild Arizona, Arizona Memories from the '50's, Legends & Dreamers, Visions of Arizona, Barry Goldwater - Photographs & Memories, and The Best of Are You Being Served. Ben has received a variety of industry awards including multiple Associated Press and Emmy awards. He currently is on the Board of Governors for the Rocky Mountain Southwest Chapter of the National Association of Television Arts and Sciences.

Michael Tobias
Senior Producer/Director
DeJolie and Muench Segments

Michael TobiasMichael Tobias is an ecologist, author and filmmaker. Tobias has written, directed and/or executive produced over one hundred documentaries and written more than twenty-five books. His films include the ten-hour miniseries, Voice of the Planet, (TBS), Black Tide, (Discovery Channel), The Sky's On Fire, (ABC), and such public broadcasting productions as World War III, Antarctica -The Last Continent, A Day in the Life of India, and Ahimsa-Non-Violence. In his works of fiction and non-fiction, Tobias has focused in large measure on protecting the environment, animal rights, and the interdisciplinary humanities.

Travis Johnson
Videographer/Offline Editor
DeJolie and Muench Segments

Travis JohnsonTravis Johnson is an award-winning television photojournalist and editor with more than 20 years of experience. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, he owns and operates Storyteller Productions along with his wife Kim. Travis has received multiple Emmy awards, a National Iris Award, NPPA, RTNDA and Associated Press awards for photography and editing. Travis specializes in aerial photography, having logged over 4,000 flight hours shooting from a helicopter. Notable projects and clients include NBC Nightly News and Dateline (NBC), Kids & Animals: A Healing Partnership (Animal Planet), Business of Baseball (CNN), ESPN, KAET, and KTVK.

Lew Steiger
Dykinga Segment

Lew SteigerLew Steiger is a filmmaker, experienced river-rafter and partner in Steiger Brothers Productions based in Prescott, Arizona. Before taking the Images of Arizona crew through the Grand Canyon, he had logged over 100 trips down the Colorado River. Lew's extensive client list includes TBS, BBC, Discovery, National Geographic, and PBS.

Gail Steiger
Videographer/Offline Editor
Dykinga Segment

Gail SteigerGail Steiger is filmmaker, songwriter, and rancher based in Prescott, Arizona. He got his start in film working with his twin brother, Lew Steiger, on the award-winning Ranch Album, which aired nationally on PBS. His credits include projects for Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, Scottsdale Center for the Arts, and the Grand Canyon Association. His work includes commercials, documentaries, and full-length features. When he is not involved in film or television as a partner in Steiger Brothers Productions, he manages a 50,000-acre ranch west of Prescott.

Tristan Whitehead
Dykinga Segment

Tristan WhiteheadTristan Whitehead is taking a break from his college studies. His interest in recording field audio was sparked by family members in the film industry. Under the solid tutelage of the Steiger Bros., Images of Arizona was his first major production.

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