Horizon, Host: Ted Simons

Sounds of Cultura


  Sounds of Cultura (SOC): Mixing It Up: Building an Identity

In Sounds of Cultura (SOC), an exhibition celebrates Mexican American artwork and examines the identity of artists who have been influenced by the mixing of Mexican and American Culture in the United States. Michelle Nichols Dock, Gallery Coordinator for the Tempe Center for the Arts, talks about the exhibition.


  Sounds of Cultura (SOC): Latinos In Opera

In Sounds of Cultura (SOC) a discussion about efforts to recruit and feature more Latino singers in the opera and what is being done to attract more Latinos to performances.


  Sounds of Cultura: American Sabor: Latinos in U.S. Popular Music

ASU Professor Paul Espinosa, with the School of Transborder Studies, talks about an exhibition tracing the contributions and influence of Latino music to American popular music and culture. Espinosa explores how a new generation of Mexican Americans have used music to express their cultural identity and previews "Ballad of an Unsung Hero," a documentary that chronicles Pedro J. Gonzalez's life, from his days with Pancho Villa during the Mexican Revolution to his career as a popular recording star.


  Sounds of Cultura: Gina Santi

Gina Santi, photographer and anthropologist, explains how her photography attempts to capture the diversity and beauty of cultures in different regions of the world.


  Sounds of Cultura: La Canasta Tortillas

Find out how this family-owned business developed into one of the most successful food distributors in the valley.


  Sounds of Cultura (SOC) A HORIZONTE Special

From the Phoenix Symphony performing a Spanish opera to the art of mask making by Zarco Guerrero, join us for a HORIZONTE special, Sounds of Cultura (SOC), showcasing Hispanic culture in Arizona.


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