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April 27, 2017

Host: José Cárdenas

DACA Organizations Supporting Undocumented Families and Students

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  • We’ll talk about the resources and organizations supporting undocumented families and students. Reyna Montoya, with Aliento AZ, Korina Iribe, with Undocumented Students for Education Equity (USEE) ASU, and Ezequiel Santos, with Mesa Undocumented Students Thriving (MUST) Mesa Community College talk about how their organizations are supporting the community.
  • Reyna Montoya - Aliento Korina Iribe Romo - Undocumented Students for Education Equity
Category: Immigration   |   Keywords: DACA, Aliento, USEE, undocumented,

Get to Know: Laura Wilde

  |   Video
  • We’ll talk to Laura Wilde, the new executive director of Xico Arte Y Cultura. Xico Inc is a non profit founded by a group of local artists in 1975 to support Chicano and Native American arts and culture.
  • Laura Wilde - Executive Director, Xico Arte y Cultura
Category: Culture   |   Keywords: Xico Arte y Cultura, Chicano, Native American,

Sounds of Cultura (SOC): Mujeres Del Sol

  |   Video
  • Learn about Mujeres del Sol, a group to support women and girls in their journeys as artists, writers, poets, and storytellers. Melissa Dunmore and Yovani Flores with Mujeres del Sol talk about the organization.
  • Yovani Flores - Co-founder, Mujeres del Sol Melissa Dunmore - Mujeres del Sol
Category: Sounds of Cultura   |   Keywords: sounds of cultura, latino, art, storytelling, poetry,