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April 20, 2017

Host: José Cárdenas

Latino Cultural Center

  |   Video
  • The city of Phoenix is looking for public input to develop a Latino Cultural Center.
  • Michael Nowakowski - Phoenix City Councilman District 7
Category: Culture   |   Keywords: Phoenix, Latino Cultural Center,

Promise Arizona

  |   Video
  • Community leaders announce a national effort to protect federal health and food programs as well as responses to the President's immigration agenda.
  • Petra Falcon - Promise Arizona Donna Cheung - Japanese American Citizens United-AZ Chapter
Category: Community   |   Keywords: SNAP, President Trump, Promise Arizona,

Valley Law Enforcement

  |   Video
  • How does the number of Latino police officers compare to the Latino populations of Valley cities? We'll take a look at the numbers.
Category: Law   |   Keywords: Latino, Police, Law Enforcement,