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February 16, 2017

Host: José Cárdenas

Achieve60AZ Initiative

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  • Achieve60AZ is a community alliance initiative made up of organizations throughout Arizona with the goal of advancing educational success. Rich Nickel, College Success Arizona CEO and also one of the community directors for Achievev60AZ talks about the initiative.
  • Rich Nickel - College Success Arizona CEO
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Sounds of Cultura: La Esquinita, USA

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  • La Esquinita, USA is a play about a small border town in decline after the big factory employer leaves for China. We'll talk to actor and playwright Rubén C. González, who portrays 11 different characters in the production.
  • Rubén C. González - Actor and playwright
Category: Sounds of Cultura   |   Keywords: Sounds of Cultura, art, play,

Vision and Sound: An African American Experience

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  • The West Valley Arts Council is celebrating Black History Month by showcasing artists working in different mediums ranging from photographer to sculpture. Amber Starr, West Valley Arts Council gallery assistant talks about the exhibition.
  • Amber Starr - West Valley Arts Council gallery assistant
Category: Culture   |   Keywords: Black History Month, photography, art,