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August 7, 2014

Host: José Cárdenas

Disconnected Youth Summit

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  • The Maricopa County Education Service Agency hosted a summit focused on reconnecting disconnected youth in Phoenix. The summit explored the problem and its impact on individuals and communities. Laurie King, director of learning and communication systems for Maricopa County Education Service Agency, talks about the summit.
  • Laurie King - Director, Learning and Communication Systems for Maricopa County Education Service Agency
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Election Preview 2014

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  • Legislative, congressional, and statewide races will be on this year's election ballot. Jaime Molera, partner with Molera Alvarez and John Loredo, former Arizona lawmaker and political consultant preview the upcoming general and primary elections.
  • Jaime Molera - Partner, Molera Alvarez
  • John Loredo - Former Lawmaker and Political Consultant, Arizona
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Loyola Academy

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  • Loyola Academy opened in 2011 to prepare academically gifted boys from underprivileged families for Brophy College Preparatory. Recently, the academy promoted its first class. Horizonte talks to Kendra Krause, Loyola Academy director and Bob Ryan, Brophy College Preparatory principal about the school's progress since it opened three years ago.
  • Kendra Krause - Director, Loyola Academy
  • Bob Ryan - Principal, Brophy College Preparatory
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