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January 30, 2014

Host: José Cárdenas

AZ Earn to Learn

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  • AZ Earn to Learn is a program that prepares high school students for college with financial education and matching funds. The program was created by the non-profit organization, Live the Solution, and Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona. Executive Director for Live the Solution Kate Hoffman and Associate Vice President of ASU Educational Outreach and Student Services Beatriz Rendón discuss the program.
  • Kate Hoffman - Executive Director, Live the Solution
  • Beatriz Rendón - Associate Vice President, ASU Educational Outreach and Student Services
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  • Three Arizona State University students are proposing to convert old food trucks into new age mobile libraries for low income schools and communities lacking basic library resources. Assistant Principal for NFL YET Academy Adam Sharp and Elijah Allan, one of the ASU students proposing the BiblioTrucka concept join Horizonte to discuss the project.
  • Adam Sharp - Assistant Principal, NFL YET Academy
  • Elijah Allan - Student
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Miss Arizona Latina

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  • The Miss Arizona Latina pageant competition celebrates Latina beauty and culture in both the state and the nation. Brenda Soto, winner of the 2013 Miss Arizona Latina talks about the Miss Arizona Latina organization and competition.
  • Brenda Soto - Miss Arizona Latina 2013
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