Horizon, Host: Ted Simons

August 23, 2012

Host: José Cárdenas

Deferred Action Program and Governor Brewer's Executive Order

  |   Video
  • On the same day the deferred action program took effect nationally, Governor Brewer ordered state agencies to initiate policies to make sure any undocumented immigrant granted deferred action wouldn't receive a driver's license or other public benefits.
Category: Immigration   |   Keywords: brewer, governor, deferred, action, ,

Phoenix and Tucson Mayors Lead Trade Mission to Mexico

  |   Video
  • Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild led a trade mission of city and business leaders to Mexico as part of an ongoing effort to foster relations with Arizona's largest trading partner. Business leaders and officials from the City of Phoenix talk about the trip.
Category: Government   |   Keywords: trade, mexico, mayor, ,

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