Horizon, Host: Ted Simons

August 9, 2012

Host: José Cárdenas

Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals

  |   Video
  • The Department of Homeland Security released guidelines to apply for the deferred action process announced by President Obama in June. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is set to begin accepting applications August 15th. Delia Salvatierra, Chair for the Immigration Section for the State Bar of Arizona, discusses what you need to know to apply.
  • Delia Salvatierra - Chair, Immigration Section for the State Bar of Arizona
Category: Law   |   Keywords: Homeland Security, immigration, law, ,

Top Two Primary Election Initiative

  |   Video
  • A judge is ruling on the ballot initiative to change the way Arizona's primary elections are held. Former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson, Chair for the Open Government committee backing the amendment; Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery; and State Senator Steve Gallardo, both who oppose it, talk about the initiative.
  • Paul Johnson - Former Phoenix Mayor, Chair for the Open Government Committee
  • Bill Montgomery - Maricopa County Attorney
  • Steve Gallardo - State Senator
Category: Elections   |   Keywords: elections, top two, primary, initiative, committee, ,

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