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- Arizona voters overwhelmingly against funding cuts for education, all-day kindergarten


- Many Arizonans unfamiliar with governor; majority of those with an opinion approve

  job she is doing


- Voters support temporary sales tax increase to balance budget


- Majority support Obama; have confidence economic policies will work


- Arizonans hit hard by economic downturn; not much optimism for next year


TEMPE, Ariz. ––More than two-thirds of Arizona voters say that education is the one area in the state budget that should not be cut, according to a new statewide Cronkite/Eight poll. The poll, conducted April 23-26, found that 69 percent of Arizona voters are against any cuts in education funding. Another 10 percent don’t want cuts made in funding for law enforcement and public safety, and 3 percent say no cuts should be made in funding for the Border Patrol, children’s services or healthcare, respectively. The poll also found overwhelming support for all-day kindergarten.


When asked about areas in which they think cuts could be made, cutting administrative costs (8 percent), roads and transportation (6 percent) and salaries for top executives and officials (4 percent) were mentioned most frequently. Nearly half of those interviewed (46 percent) could not mention a single area in which they thought spending could be reduced.


More than one-third of Arizona voters (35 percent) said they did not know enough about Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to rate the job she is doing. However, among those with an opinion, 56 percent approve of the job she is doing. A majority (58%) of those with an opinion also said they have a great deal (9%) or some confidence (49%) that Brewer is making the right decisions to pull the state out of its economic problems.


Brewer does have support among Arizona voters for a proposed tax increase, as the poll also found that 60 percent of the state’s voters would support a temporary one-percent state sales tax increase being proposed by the governor to help offset the current budget deficit.


Fifty-three percent of all Arizona voters (60% of those with an opinion), give President Barack Obama a positive job performance rating, 36 percent disapprove of the job he is doing and 11 percent have no opinion.  Support for Obama divides strongly along partisan lines. While 87 percent of the Democrats and 68 percent of political independents give the president positive ratings, only 32 percent of Republicans say he is doing a good job. 


Sixty percent of those interviewed say they have a great deal (27 percent) or some (33 percent) confidence that Obama is making the right decisions to pull the country out of the current economic crisis. Forty-eight percent of Arizona voters think the way Obama has conducted foreign affairs since he was elected has improved the image of the United States abroad while 27 percent say his actions have worsened the country’s image abroad and 19 percent say Obama has made little difference in this area.


The survey also found that Arizonans have been hit hard by the economic downturn. More than three-quarters of those interviewed said the downturn has affected them a great deal (28 percent) or somewhat (48 percent); 24 percent say they have not really been affected. The poll also found that 27 percent of those interviewed believe that their own financial situation will improve during the next year, 20 percent said it will get worse and 49 percent said it will probably stay about the same.


The statewide sample of 390 registered voters was 40 percent Republican, 34 percent Democrat and 26 percent Independent. Fifty-eight percent of the interviews were conducted in Maricopa County, 18 percent in Pima County and 24 percent in Arizona’s other counties. Fifty percent of the voters interviewed are men and 50 percent are women. The sampling error for the survey was plus or minus 5 percent.


Question wording:


1. First, overall, do you approve or disapprove of the job Barack Obama is doing as president of the United States?

                                                          Total          With opinion

            approve                                   53%                 60%

            disapprove                               36%                 40%

            no opinion                               11%                 ----


2. Would you say the current financial crisis has affected you and your family a great deal, somewhat or really not much?


a great deal                              28%

somewhat                                48%

really not much                        24%


3. Thinking about the next year or so, do you think your financial situation will stay about the same, get better or get worse?


            stay about the same                 49%

            get better                                  27%

            get worse                                 20%

            no opinion                                 4%


4. How much confidence do you have that President Obama is making the right decisions to pull the country out of our current economic crisis? Do you have a great deal of confidence in what he is doing, some confidence or not much confidence? 


                                                            Total        With opinion                                              

            a great deal of confidence        27%                 28%

            some confidence                      33%                 34%

            not much confidence               37%                 38%

            no opinion                                 3%                 ---




5. Do you think the way President Obama has conducted foreign affairs since he has been in office has improved the image of the United States abroad, worsened our image or made little difference?

                                                          Total        With opinion

improved                                 48%                 51%

            worsened                                 27%                 29

            little difference                         19%                 20

            no opinion                                 6%                 ---


6. Next, we’d like to know how you would rate the job that Jan Brewer is doing as governor of Arizona. Overall, do you approve or disapprove of the job she is doing?


                                                            Total        With opinion          

            approve                                   37%                 56%

            disapprove                               28%                 44%

            no opinion                               35%                 ----



7. How much confidence do you have that Governor Brewer is making the right decisions to pull the state out of the current economic crisis? Do you have a great deal of confidence in what she is doing, some confidence or not much confidence?


                                                            Total        With opinion                                              

            a great deal of confidence          7%                   9%

            some confidence                      40%                 49%

            not much confidence               34%                 42%

            no opinion                               19%                 ­---



8. Arizona is facing a large budget deficit for the next fiscal year and some programs and services will have to be cut in order to balance the budget. Please finish this sentence for me: The one area in which I think cuts COULD be made is:

            Administration                          8%

            Roads/transportation                 6%

            Salaries of top officials              4%

            Government spending               3%

            Don’t cut anything                    3%

            Welfare                                      3%

            Education                                  3%

            Elected officials                         2%

            Social services                           2%

            Benefits/services for illegals      2%

            Prison system/jails                    2%

            Other                                       16%

            No answer                               46%



9. Now, please finish this sentence: The one area in which I do NOT think cuts should be made is:

            Education                                69%

            Public safety                            10%

            Healthcare                                 3%

            Children’s services                    3%

            Border patrol                             3%

            Other                                         5%

            No answer                                 7%


10. Governor Brewer has proposed a temporary one-percent sales tax increase to help offset the deficit in the state’s budget.  Would you support or oppose this proposal?


                                                            Total        With opinion                                              

            support                                    60%                 63%

            oppose                                     35%                 37%

            no opinion                                 5%                 ---


11. How important is it to you that Arizona schools provide all-day kindergarten? Is it very important  somewhat important or not very important?


            very important                         41%

            somewhat important                25%

            not very important                   30%

            no opinion                                 4%