Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find current program information or repeat schedule for your programming?

Find the most up-to-date information on the TV schedules page of this Web site. (Accessible on the navigation above) The page includes program listings for our current analog and digital channels.
You can view the schedule by day or by the week.

The Programs A-Z page (also accessible on the navigation above) lists every program on the schedule with air dates and times, including repeat times.

Friends of Arizona PBS receive the most detailed information with the Arizona PBS Quarterly Magazine which is a full-sized magazine full of exclusive original content about your Arizona PBS. We’re thrilled to be able to provide more valuable information about your favorite PBS and Arizona PBS programs, as well as details about our events, initiatives and some of the influential members of our community. You can become a Friend of Arizona PBS online.

Why was my favorite BBC drama taken off the air?

Most British drama series are produced as short run series, with only a few episodes produced each season. In some cases we are able to get the first few seasons all at once but then have to wait months or even years for new episodes to be produced and made available in the US.

Each program we air comes with a set of broadcast rights that define how long the program can be aired. We generally cannot go back and repeat earlier seasons of a program because the broadcast rights have expired. Often the program is no longer being offered by the distributor, or if it is offered, the rights must be repurchased. We have limited funds for purchasing programs and spending those funds on repeats isn’t always possible. .

What is going on with my program? (Check here to find the status for some of our most popular programs.)

Death in Paradise
The series Death in Paradise airs on Thursday nights on Arizona PBS. Season six premieres in March 2017.

Scott and Bailey
The final episode of season 5 of Scott and Bailey aired on October 6, 2016. There were only three episodes in the season.

The Bletchley Circle
Season 1 of the series The Bletchley Circle is only three episodes in length while season 2 of the series is only four episodes in length. The program began airing in April 2013 on Arizona PBS. The series has not been renewed at this time.

DCI Banks
Each season of DCI Banks is produced as three stories. In the UK, each story is shown as two episodes, each about 45 minutes in length, so the series is six episodes per season. In the US, part 1 and part 2 of each story is combined into one episode of approximately 90 minutes. The latest season 5 of DCI Banks aired on Sunday evenings December 18, 2016.

Doc Martin
The final episode of season 7 of Doc Martin aired on August 20, 2016. There were eight episodes in the season. Producers have announced that there will be two more seasons (seasons eight and nine) of the series. Season 8 will be filmed in 2017. It will air in the UK first than we should receive it for broadcast in 2018. The final season 9 will be filmed and be broadcast in 2019 in the UK and air sometime in the US in 2020.

Call the Midwife
A sixth season of Call the Midwife has been produced and will begin airing on Arizona PBS in April 2017.

Downton Abbey
Arizona PBS aired the Downton Abbey marathon September 2, 2016 over the Labor Day weekend and concluded on Monday, September 5, 2016

Woodsmith Shop
We will be repeating season 10 of Woodsmith Shop on Arizona PBS Life (digital 8.2) on Tuesdays and Saturdays beginning December 27, 2016.

Where can I purchase a DVD for a PBS program?

You will find most of the PBS materials available on the following Web sites:

Arizona PBS/KAET Arizona Collection

For additional information, contact our Viewer Services department at 602-496-2308.

How can I change the PBS site to reflect the Arizona PBS schedule?

It's easy. You just have to change the default station to Arizona PBS/KAET on the PBS site. In the upper left hand corner, click to select a local station by entering either a zip code or selecting the state. Select KAET from the stations listed on the page and click Done. That's it. Now whenever you visit, you will see the Arizona PBS/KAET schedule. And once you log off your computer and sign back on, you will also see the Arizona PBS/KAET logo on the schedule pages.

When can I see British comedies on Arizona PBS?

Keeping Up Appearances | Saturdays at 8 p.m.
As Time Goes By | Saturdays at 8:30 p.m.

Why do you have membership drives?

What most people don't know is that out of all contributed Arizona tax dollars (state and federal), less than $1.25 per household goes to support Arizona PBS. Like other PBS stations, Arizona PBS must turn to our viewers to help fill the gap between what is allocated and the actual cost of producing and broadcasting the high quality programming you expect -- nearly $10 million each year. The membership drives continue to be our most effective and efficient means of fund raising. More than 60% of our operating revenue comes from viewers.

Where can I find a transcript of a Arizona Horizon program?

Transcripts are posted on the Arizona Horizon Web site. Search the archives or by topic.

How do I submit a story idea?

Arizona PBS appreciates the wonderful story ideas that come from our viewers. Producing more local programming remains a top priority, especially expanding our Arizona Collection, a series of programs that celebrates the people, places, history and culture in Arizona.

If you have a great story idea or program proposal that you want to share, you may contact our Program Development Department via email or at (602) 496-2308. (Please do not send unsolicited proposals or DVD.)

How can I get Arizona PBS to consider airing a television program or series I produced?

If you have a completed television program or series that you would like Arizona PBS to consider airing, please contact our Programming Department via email or at (602) 496-2308.