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PBS KIDS PLAY!SM is a new computer-based subscription service providing fun, interactive, educational games and activities for families with children ages 3 to 6.

PBS KIDS PLAY! is a place where children can play with favorite PBS KIDS characters and receive an interactive learning experience tailored just for them. The service adapts to each child's skills and abilities by tracking progress and recommending games and activities at the appropriate level, based on the child's past performance. Parents and caregivers can track each child's learning progress, as he or she advances.

PBS KIDS PLAY! includes games and activities that cover skill areas including Math, Science, Language, Creativity, Healthy Development, and Social Studies, among others.

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Features for Children

  • Popular Characters: Favorite PBS KIDS characters from programs including CURIOUS GEORGE, SUPER WHY, Mister Roger's Neighborhood of Make-Believe and The Berenstain Bears guide and help children learn. New programs will continuously be added to the service, including Bob the Builder and Thomas & Friends, among others.
  • New Games: All-new original learning games and activities not available anywhere else.
  • Self-Leveling: The learning games and activities adjust in difficulty based in each individual child's tracked progress, and adapts to each child's unique developmental stage, which may not correspond with the child's age.
  • Rewards: Upon completing each game learning objective, kids receive a collectible item.
  • Saving: Kids can save interactive projects and continue with them later.
  • Favorites: Kids can easily bookmark favorite activities with a single click.
  • Exploration: Kids can explore colorful, inviting environments recreated from favorite PBS programs.
  • Text-Free navigation: Pre-readers can navigate PBS KIDS PLAY! independently.
  • Customization: Kids can customize the look and feel of their Home Room, Play Room, and TV Room. They can also choose special decorations for national holidays and seasons. TV Any Time - Dozens of full PBS KIDS episodes available at broadband streaming quality 24x7. All video is 100% program content - no promotional clips - and 100% ad free.
  • Always Something New: New content added every week!

Features for Parents

  • Educational Value: Games and activities help build essential skilss in Math, Science, Language, Literacy, Creativity, Healthy Development, and Social Studies.
  • See the Results: Progress Charts track each child's learning progress in different activites.
  • Recommendations Engine: In addition to proving recommendations to parents, PBS KIDS PLAY! also uses characters to recommend educational content to kids that is right just for them. this is often met with less resistance than if parents try to recommend content.
  • Search by Skill: Includes a search engine for locating activities by skill or keyword.
  • Safe and Secure: PBS KIDS PLAY! is a password - protected desktop environment with no ads or product placement. PBS also has a strict zero-spam privacy policy.
  • Limit Screen Time: Parents can set a timer to limit the amount of time their child spends on PBS KIDS PLAY!. This feature allows parents to easily superwise thier child's media experience.
  • Customer Support: Round-the clock toll free phone and email support.


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