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Now you can show everyone that you support public television in Arizona. For every Eight, Arizona PBS License Plate sold a portion of the cost of the plate goes to Eight. So you contribute to Eight by purchasing our plate and helping us deliver your favorite programs all year long.

Join the Eight roadshow! Order your Eight, Arizona PBS License Plate today. It’s easy. Just press the button that says "Order your plate today!"

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How soon can I order my new Eight, Arizona PBS License Plate?

Eight’s new special license plate will be available for ordering from the Motor Vehicle Division of the Arizona Department of Transportation either online on October 30 at www.ServiceArizona.com or at any MVD or Authorized Third Party office on October 31, 2011.

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Can I personalize my Eight special license plate?

Yes, the Eight license plate is available both as a non-personalized and as a personalized plate where you choose the letter/number combination that will appear on your plate. The maximum number of characters allowed for a personalized (letters and/or numbers) Eight license plate is seven. Plates with the disability symbol are limited to six characters. You may check the availability of your personalized plate idea online at www.ServiceArizona.com before placing your order. All personalized plate choices must be approved by ADOT.

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How many Eight license plates will I receive?

You will be issued one Eight license plate with the exception of personalized plates which have two plates that are issued.

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What will I pay and how much of the fee for the new Eight license plate will go to Eight, Arizona PBS?

The cost of the Eight license plate is $25 for the initial application fee and $25 per annual renewal. Personalized plates have an additional $25 fee (for a total of $50 annually). Of the $25 special-plate fee, $17 goes to Eight, Arizona PBS.

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I already have a personalized plate number. Can I keep my personalized number, but switch to an Eight license plate?

Yes, if you wish to keep the same plate number, you must visit any MVD or Authorized Third Party office. You cannot make the change online. You will pay the $25 fee for your new Eight license plate.

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Does my purchase of an Eight, Arizona PBS License Plate include a Friends of Eight membership?

No, the Eight license plate fee is collected by ADOT and not Eight, Arizona PBS directly. ADOT then directs $17 of the initial fee and the annual renewal fee to Eight.

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How will I receive my Eight license plate?

License plate orders will be mailed to you. There is a postage and handling fee of $3 for personalized (two plates) and $2.49 for non-personalized (one plate). Please allow four to six weeks for processing personalized plate orders.

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When is my annual Eight license plate renewal fee due?

Your Eight license plate renewal fee is due each year at the same time as your vehicle registration. A special plate can be ordered at any time with the initial fees due at the time of ordering. The annual fee would be due at the regular time of renewal. If your registration expires within the next three months, you have the option to renew your registration early, before submitting the Eight license plate application, in order to avoid the first annual renewal special plate fee.

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I bought a vehicle and have a temporary paper license plate, can I order my Eight license plate now?

No, you must wait until you receive your metal plate in the mail. Then you may order online, by mail or in an MVD or authorized Third Party office.

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What if I order an Eight license plate at the same time I renew my registration online?

You will first receive a registration and tab with your current plate number for use until you receive the new Eight license plate in the mail. The new plate will come with a new tab and registration. Please note that the new tab and registration will be enclosed in the window portion of the envelope that contains the plates.

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Can I apply for an Eight license plate for a vehicle registered out-of-state?

No, Arizona special plates are for Arizona-registered vehicles only.

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May I purchase an Eight license plate for someone as a gift?

Yes, as long as the vehicle is registered in Arizona and ADOT’s eligibility requirements are met.

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Can I purchase an Eight license plate for my motorcycle or golf cart?

No, the small-sized license plates are available only for regular plates and for a limited number of special plates.

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Can I order my Eight license plate with a disability symbol?

Yes, you can add the disability symbol to either a standard or personalized Eight license plate. See ADOT’s Plates and Placards page. On a personalized plate, there are only six characters to accommodate the disability symbol. There is no fee for ordering any license plate with the disability symbol, just the requirement to submit the Disability-Hearing Impaired Plate/Placard Application either by mail or at any MVD or Authorized Third Party office. The disability plate cannot be ordered online.

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