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Chasing the Dream: American Indian Education

In our continuing series regarding poverty and the American Dream, hear the story of an Arizona State University American Indian student and her adjustments to a university education.


Education Initiative

Helios Education Foundation President and CEO Paul Luna talks to Horizonte about a new education initiative that will impact high schools in Arizona.


Higher Education Challenges

Columbia provost emeritus Jonathan Cole will discuss his new book “Toward a More Perfect University,” which deals with the way institutions of higher education should evolve in the decades ahead.


STEM Skills Outside Class

Using and learning STEM skills does not have to be relegated to just inside the classroom. Lacey Wieser, director of K-12 Science and STEM for the Arizona Department of Education, will be joined by board members from the Arizona Science Teachers Association to discuss how that can be done.


Governor Doug Ducey

Arizona Horizon host Ted Simons interviews Governor Doug Ducey about his plans for the upcoming legislative session.


Common Core Repeal

The State Board of Education has voted to repeal Common Core education standards today, but it is not a complete repeal. The repeal does open the door to a full repeal. Former Superintendent of Public Instruction and former board of education member Jaime Molera will tell us what today’s vote means.


Arizona Education: Community/Parent involved in Education

Involvement in schools by parents and the community is often cited as critical to the success of students. We’ll show you how one parent is involved in her daughter’s school and then discuss the concept of parental and community involvement with Pendergast School District superintendent Lily Matos DeBlieux, Pendergast Governing Board president Susan Serin and Martha Serrano, a parent and member of the PTA.


Abriendo Puertas

The White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics highlighted 230 programs across the country as Bright Spots for investing in key education priorities affecting the Hispanic community. Abriendo Puertas, a partner of the Helios Education Foundation, was one of the programs recognized. Learn more about Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors, the nation's first evidence-based comprehensive training program designed for Spanish-speaking parents with children ages 0-5 years old.


Diane Douglas Lawsuit

State Superintendent Diane Douglas has been sued by the State Board of Education. Greg Miller, president of the board, will tell us more.


Republican Education Funding

Senate President Andy Biggs will explain the plan by Republican legislative leaders to increase funding for education in Arizona.

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