Economic Growth

It is the same in good economic times and bad: You need the right information to make smart decisions.

These resources from Greater Phoenix Economic Council, Arizona Workforce Informer, Arizona Department of Commerce, W. P. Carey School of Business at ASU, and Eight’s own award-winning HORIZON program will help keep you informed, and provide assistance to your business and career.


ArtBeat Half Hour Special 2012-07-06 - Economic Growth: A Horizon SPECIAL
ArtBeat Half Hour Special 2012-06-27 - Economic Growth: Medical Device Incubator

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Business Assistance

Arizona Department of Commerce

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Economic Analysis Videos & Articles

PBS Video Analysis

Job Growth: Executive Insight: June 19, 2009
Now on PBS attended The National Summit, a conference of business CEOs and leaders which took place in Detroit this week, and asked one question to dozens of leading executives: How can we best promote job growth in America?


Economic Analysis Articles

Nightly Business Report:

  • Reviving the Economy
    PBS' Nightly Business Report has been covering the economic crisis and will continue to present in-depth analysis of all the efforts to revive the economy.
  • Xchange. The Nightly Business Report blog.
  • Get Your Finances Ready for Retirement
    Nightly Business Report's webpage dedicated to financing for retirement in these trying economic times.


ASU W. P. Carey School of Business


Knowledge @ ASU W. P. Carey School of Business


Knowledge @ Emory

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