Converter Box

Plan on keeping your analog TV? You will need a converter box.

A converter box is connected to your TV much like a VCR. You designate a specific channel on your TV set, and then use the remote control of the converter box to switch between the digital channels.

A converter box requires an antenna (as an input source for television signals). Your current TV antenna should work fine for receiving Eight's signal with a new converter box (test it before you buy a new antenna). Sometimes moving your antenna to another part of the room can improve reception.

Digital-to-analog converter boxes receive digital over-the-air signals from an antenna, convert them to analog and then send the signals to the existing analog television set.

Area Agency on Aging offers TV viewers assistance with conversion to all-digital television
If you are over the age of 60 or an adult with disabilities, call the Area Agency's Senior HELP LINE at 602-264-HELP (4357) or toll-free at 1-888-783-7500 for assistance on how to get a converter box for your TV set.

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With the digital transition, Eight switched from UHF frequency to a VHF frequency. If you are using an indoor or outdoor antenna, please check to see if it is UHF only or UHF/VHF and that is oriented properly. Some of the "digital" antennas are only UHF antennas.

For "rabbit ears" type antennas, both antennas should be extended all the way. The two "rabbit ears" should be extended in a "V" shape, with the area inside the "V" perpendicular to the television transmitters. You should be able to look between the "rabbit ears" and see the transmitter. For example, rabbit ears are optimally aimed by making the broad side of the antenna face the transmitter. That is, if you imagine the signal coming from the transmitter, you want it to come in perpendicular to the rabbit ear elements.

Amplified antennas can also cause complications. A simple "rabbit ears" type of antenna can usually solve the problem.

Find out which antenna is right for your needs.

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If a digital channel disappears, remember to rescan. You might also have to unplug your TV set or converter box for several minutes to allow the system to reset. Rescanning for channels is similar to rebooting your computer.

Check your owners' manual. Many manufacturers offer owner's manual on the Web.