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How to buy the right antenna and point it in the right direction!

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
From medical telemetry device interference to broadcast spectrum allotment, the Federal Communications Commission Web site contains in-depth information regarding the federal government's efforts to implement digital TV. DTV Shopper’s Guide in Adobe format (En Espanol)

“How Digital TV Works”
From the HowStuffWorks Web site, includes video explanations, and articles that cover digital compression, shopping for an HDTV, home theater information and more.

PBS Digital Television
As one of the first television services to broadcast programs digitally, PBS stands at the forefront of this technological revolution. Explore this site to learn more about digital television, and PBS’s plans for this landmark technology.
The FCC launched a consumer education and outreach campaign – "DTV-Get It" – to inform the public about the DTV transition and the availability of high definition and other digital content. is a new web portal that serves as a one-stop source of information about digital television.



DTV Shoppers Guide [pdf file]

En Espanol

DTV Fact Sheet

Compatibility of Cable TV and Digital TV Receivers - "Plug-and-Play"