AZPBS Channel Offerings

Arizona PBS Channel Offerings

Arizona PBS HD

Arizona PBS high-definition and widescreen programs

Watch it on:
8.1 with antenna
Cox 1008
CenturyLink Prism 1008
Suddenlink - Northern AZ – 8
Orbitel Maricopa 8 or 808

Arizona PBS Life

Get more out of Life — cooking, travel, home improvement and more

Watch it on:
8.2 with antenna
Cox 80
CenturyLink Prism 9
Suddenlink – Northern AZ - 142
Orbitel Maricopa 78

Arizona PBS World

Public affairs, opinions and newsmakers, political commentary

Watch it on:
8.3 with antenna
Cox 88
CenturyLink Prism 20
Suddenlink – Northern AZ – 143
Orbitel Maricopa 84

Arizona PBS KIDS

A 24/7 channel featuring PBS KIDS programs

Watch it on:
8.4 with antenna
Cox 81
CenturyLink Prism 22
Suddenlink – Northern AZ - 144

Classical Arizona PBS

Simulcast of 89.5 FM KBAQ in 5.1 channels of surround sound, including recordings produced by Central Sound at Arizona PBS

Watch it on:
8.5 with antenna

Classical Arizona PBS moves to 8.5 in 5.1 channels of surround sound

Classical Arizona PBS is moving to digital channel 8.5. Rescan your digital TV or converter box if you are not yet receiving 8.5.

You might also have to unplug your TV or converter box for several minutes to allow the system to reset. For more information about rescanning, check your owner’s manual.

How can I access Arizona PBS HD and Arizona PBS’s additional programming?

Free over the airwaves
If you already watch television “over the air” via an antenna, you will now be able to watch Arizona PBS HD in high definition video plus access all five Arizona PBS channels via your antenna on your digital television or television/converter box — simply by “rescanning” your television set or converter box. For step-by-step information on how to access all five Arizona PBS channels visit our videos page.

Cable, DISH, and DirecTV subscribers
Check with your service provider about whether they provide access to all five channels of Arizona PBS’ programming. Currently, many local cable companies in rural Arizona, as well as DISH and DirecTV have opted not to offer their customers all of Arizona PBS’s channels and provide only our primary Arizona PBS HD channel. If they don’t offer these channels, all you need to do is add an over-the-air antenna to your television — visit our videos page for details.

What do these new digital transmitters mean for rural Arizonans?

  • You will now have free over-the-air access to Arizona PBS HD (DTV 8.1) programming with beautiful high definition video.
  • You will now have free over-the-air access to Arizona PBS’s other digital channels, including Arizona PBS Life (DTV 8.2), Arizona PBS World (DTV 8.3), Arizona PBS KIDS (DTV 8.4) and Classical Arizona PBS (DTV 8.5).
  • You will now have access to the SunSounds reading service for the visually impaired via 8.5 secondary audio.

For residents of Maricopa County — How to tune in to Arizona PBS

Arizona PBS HD

Over the Air/Antennas: 8.1 in High Definition
Cox: 1008
CenturyLink Prism: 1008

Arizona PBS Life

Over the Air/Antennas: 8.2 in Standard Definition
Cox: 80
CenturyLink Prism: Channel 9

Arizona PBS World

Over the Air/Antennas: 8.3 in Standard Definition
Cox: 88
CenturyLink Prism: Channel 20

Arizona PBS KIDS

Over the Air/Antennas: 8.4 in Standard Definition
Cox: 81
CenturyLink Prism: Still pending

Classical Arizona PBS

Over the Air/Antennas: 8.5 in Standard Definition