Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do my collectibles need to be from Arizona?

A: Not at all.  We welcome collectibles from anywhere in the world!


Q: Can I just bring my collectibles to Eight on the filming weekend without getting a ticket?

A: No. For security and quality assurance reasons, no one is admitted to our studios without a ticket.  Guests with tickets are confirmed on a master list at registration.


Q: Does it really matter what day and what time I bring my collectibles to Eight on the event weekend?

A: It sure does.  About a 1,000 people will pass through our studios during the event, so it’s important that we maintain an orderly flow of arrivals in order to avoid long lines at appraiser tables.  We need you to come during the time slot indicated on your ticket.


Q: Can you appraise my antique if I send a photograph?

A: No. Eight has no appraisers on staff. Our contracted appraisers will give you their item-specific and expert evaluations at the taping event of Arizona Collectibles.


Q: Is there a size limit on the kind of collectible I may bring?

A: Items must weigh no greater than 50 lbs. and be easy for you to carry. You can bring a small hand cart, but Eight staff and volunteers are not permitted to help you carry your items.


Q: Are there any collectibles that you don’t evaluate?

A: Our appraisers will not evaluate any vehicles, explosives, firearms manufactured after 1950, or glass fire extinguishers.   Items containing hazardous materials are not allowed.



Eight, Arizona PBS assumes no liability for any damage to items brought for evaluation. Eight, Arizona PBS' Arizona Collectibles is not affiliated in any way with WGBH’s Antiques Roadshow. In the case of firearms, only those manufactured before 1900 will be accepted for evaluation and are subject to inspection by local authorities.


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