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Flavors of Louisiana

About Flavors of Louisiana:

Flavors of LouisianaFlavors of Louisiana serves authentic, flavorful Cajun food.

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Monday – Thursday
11am – 8pm

Friday – Saturday
11am – 10pm



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Flavors of Louisiana
13025 W Rancho Sante Fe Blvd
Avondale, AZ 85392


Submitted Reviews :

May 25, 2014
"This restaurant was featured several weeks ago. My husband and I really like Cajun food so we were really excited to try it out the weekend following the airing. When we arrived all tables were filled inside the restaurant and there were people seated outside that seem to be waiting for a table and or service. It took a considerable amount of time for the staff to acknowledge our arrival and when they did they basically said that it would be awhile before we can be seated. We had to ask several times to put our name on a waiting list. They were so unorganized that they did not know where the list was. It was later found in one of the staff's back pocket. (Would have been easier to keep it by the front cash register) So we got our name on the list and were told it would be about a half hour wait. The waiting area was small and uncomfortable, and we seem to be in the way not matter where we stood. We observed that most people at the tables did not have food. This was a concern and our first impression was that we should leave, but we traveled from Tempe and did not want the trip to be a total waste. We eventually were seated and the waitress came over to take our drink order. Drinks arrived on a timely basis and our food order was then taken. That was the beginning and the end of our good service. After a considerable amount of time, I had to asked about our appetizer and when it would be delivered. The waitress said she thinks it might be ready. Once again we waited for another five minutes before that arrived. Upon it's arrival we asked for forks, knives and napkins so that we could eat it. That also took what seemed like forever. The staff seem to be moving around alot but not accomplishing much. I can't tell you how many times we observed them passing a table without checking on the guest's comfort, removing soiled plates filling drinks, etc. There was a table of six seated behind us and they said the have been there for two hours, have ween waiting for their dessert for about twenty minutes ! and their table was stacked with dirty dishes. At last our main dish arrived. I ordered the catfish and it was cooked perfectly and tasted really good. My husband ordered a crab etouffee over French bread. There was no identifiable crab on the plate. It was a total disaster. At this point we thought it would be fruitless to complain so we asked for our check. The waitress seemed surprised that we were dissatisfied with our experience. I tried to explain but the critique I offered seem to fall on deaf ears. I'm guessing that the restaurant was unprepared for the amount of customers the airing of "Check Please" generated and the staff and kithchen was overwhelmed, but still that is no excuse for the poor service we and the other customers received."
Ann G.


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