China Chili



China Chili boasts a diverse mix of regional Chinese flavors.

Average tab: $14 per person, without drinks






Monday - Thursday
11am – 9pm

11am – 10pm

12pm – 10pm

4pm – 9pm




Contact Info:

China Chili
302 E Flower St
Phoenix, AZ 85012


Submitted Reviews :

May 4, 2012
"Went there because of Check Please. It was very good. My husband and I will be back"
Joyce S.


February 14, 2012
"China Chili is our favorite. The food is good, prices are low. The TV episode featuring China Chile said the price per person was $28. That is such a laugh. This site says $14, which is much closer. My husband and I usually have a check around $25.
Patricia G.

From the Check, Please! Arizona Producers: The information included in the television program comes directly from the featured restaurants. China Chili contacted Eight after the broadcast to let us know that the average tab per person, without drinks, was $14 rather than $28. We updated the Web site immediately and will explore options to update the program."



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