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Essence Bakery

About Essence Bakery:

Essence BakeryEssence Bakery Café uses organic ingredients to create a variety of foods from croissants to quiche and their famous macaroons.

Reservations are not accepted
Average tab: $11 per person, without drinks


Bakery, Deli, Breakfast, French


Monday - Friday
7am – 3pm

8am – 3pm




Contact Info:

Essence Bakery Café
825 W University Dr
Tempe, AZ 85281


Submitted Reviews :

August 30, 2014
"While the salad I had was excellent and reasonably priced, the noise level of the indoor dining area was deafening and the decor left a lot to be desired!!! Also, the prices of the desserts were ridiculous!"
Alice D.

June 20, 2014
"Essence Bakery is great!!!! It's a breakfast joint. Super casual, but you can broker a business deal there as well. I had two strawberry and cream macaroons and a Napoleon. I was so full. I shouldv've stuck to the napoleon. it was super fresh. the raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries were very fresh. the pastry was so flaky. it was the best Napoleon I've ever had. I had it with a chocolate milk. They add cocoa powder to milk. It was super cold and delicious. Not only to they have sweets for breakfast, but they have savory. I saw breakfast plates fly out of that kitchen. I have to go back to get the breakfast platter. Noticing on the menu Essence Bakery caters to everyone. If you want sweets? they got that. You want Savory? They got that. You want Vegan? They got that. If you want healty? They got that. Go. Explore. Enjoy."
Mark Koniarz


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