Fernet Charred Steak Salad

From the restaurant: Citizen Public House





4 cups baby kale
1 cup beet chips (or sweet potato chips)
1 cup mizuna or arugula
Fernet marinade (see recipe below)
Maytag blue cheese dressing (see recipe below)
Spiced pecans (see recipe below)

Combine, toss and serve.

For the fernet marinade:
¼  cup fernet
¼  cup Dijon
½  cup brown sugar
¼  cup soy
1/8 cup Worcestershire
½  beef tenderloin

For the Maytag blue cheese dressing:
1 cups mayo
¼  cup buttermilk
½  cup Maytag blue crumbled
juice of one lemon
pinch coarse black pepper

For the spiced pecans:
½ pound pecans
¼  cup brown sugar
½  egg white
pinch salt
pinch clove
pinch cinnamon



Oven to 300 degrees
Combine all ingredients thoroughly, spread out on sheet pan and toast in oven for 20 minutes.



For the fernet marinade, combine all of the ingredients and combine with steak tips.

For the Maytag blue cheese dressing, combine all of the ingredients in a container with small hand blender



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