Eight’s Door-to-Door Membership Drive

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Thank you for becoming a member of Eight, Arizona PBS! Your gift made through one of our trusted door-to-door representatives will allow Eight to continue providing exceptional programming on YOUR public television station.

Beginning July 1, 2012, Eight launched one of the nation’s first door-to-door PBS outreach campaigns by sending trained professional canvassers into communities and neighborhoods in the Arizona PBS service area. Today, our ongoing community canvass program allows Eight to personally convey the importance of quality, public television programming to thousands of Arizonans every week.

By committing to make a contribution through one of Eight’s trusted canvassers, you help us further our mission to enrich the lives of Arizonans. Your support allows Eight to continue to broadcast non-commercial public television programs that inform, enlighten, and entertain, and provide valuable community partnerships and services statewide.

Please do your part and donate to Eight, Arizona PBS. Thank you!


Meet our community canvass team

Anthony Tirado
ID# 441-04-112

Kim Pope
ID#: 441-04-106

Amanda Melcher
ID# 441-03-140

Jacqulyn Irons
ID#: 440-50-100

Ben Stovall
ID#: 441-01-114

Erica Monty
ID#: 441-43-130

Jalen Arrington
ID#: 441-01-154

Nathaniel Dorsey
ID#: 441-05-116

Arthur Urias
ID#: 441-04-009

Sam Dillon
ID#: 441-05-114


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Eight, Arizona PBS knocking on my door?
Eight, Arizona PBS is YOUR public television station, and we rely on financial support from viewers like you to help us keep our unique, commercial-free programs on the air. Having someone from Eight knock on your door is a way for us to talk neighbor-to-neighbor and hear first-hand why you love PBS. It also lets us share with you why becoming a member and supporter is so important.

How do I know this representative is really from Eight?
Eight has taken special care to help you identify our representatives. First, the person will have a photo ID issued from Eight, Arizona PBS, like the one pictured here, that includes his or her name, ID number and photograph. Second, Eight has posted the photographs, names and ID numbers of all of our canvassers above. Please feel free to verify the identity of our representatives by matching up the photo ID of the person at your door with his or her name and photo shown here. The canvassers will be wearing uniforms that include a PBS gold polo shirt, khaki pants and possibly a PBS hat.

Why does Eight need a donation from me?
Eight, Arizona PBS is a non-profit organization and relies on viewers like you for over 74% of our annual operating support. Without your contribution, public television and the shows that you know, enjoy and trust would no longer exist.

Where does my money go?
Your donation goes directly into Eight's annual operating support budget. It pays for general operation of the station, including our PBS membership, educational outreach and bringing you the shows you love 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

If I give at the door, do I get a "thank you" gift like they talk about on TV?
Typically, our door-to-door representatives do not offer thank you gifts. But if you would like to receive a gift, they will be happy to take down your information and pass it along to a membership services representative. You also can visit www.azpbs.org/support and click on "Thank You Gifts." That will show you a wide range of gift options available at various support levels and will allow you to give securely online.

I don't want to give anything to this person at the door, but I still want to donate. How do I do that?
Visit us online at www.azpbs.org/support and support Eight by giving either a regular monthly donation or a one-time gift. Monthly giving is one of the best ways you can support public television – it gives Eight a steady stream of income with minimal impact on your pocketbook!

Thank You!