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Lisa Schnebly Heidinger - Arizona: 100 Years Grand
Airdate: April 1, 2012

About the Author

From a young age, Lisa Schnebly Heidinger was fascinated by Arizona. She established herself as journalist before turning her attention to writing books, speeches and articles. In addition to spreading her love for her home state, she also teaches seminars on writing. She is a direct descendent of Sedona Schnebly, of whom Sedona, Arizona is a namesake.



About this Book

Named the official book of the Arizona Centennial, Arizona: 100 Years Grand is a tribute to Arizona's first century of rich history. It is structured around 101 main stories, spanning all one hundred years of statehood. These stories are brought to life by an array of vivid photographs. To further the goal of presenting a panorama of Arizona history, several Arizona leaders, past and present, added their perspectives on the state.




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Host's Impressions

Lisa, from the start of our interview, was so clearly connected to Arizona that it seemed a natural that she write the centennial book-and it is an impressive book. I particularly liked reading the "smaller" bits of information, the ones less known, and being reminded of having lived through them. It was clear to me as well that she and I were connected to Arizona in very different ways, which is another good part to what it is to be an Arizonan-there are so many Arizonas!


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